Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Visiting The Hague

I have to admit to not actually knowing that much at all about The Hague, I think the only photo I had ever seen was on Pointless! This is Noordeinde Palace:

Its right in the middle of a busy street with lots of very nice boutique shops but still very far removed from Buckingham Palace, although the Royal family don't actually live here its called "the working palace".

Statue of Prince Willem Van Oranje outside the palace:

The back of the Palace overlooks a very pretty park with a playground-Ruben took 5 minutes with his new Red Panda friend to have a go on the slide-whilst Piper and I had a walk around to have a closer look at the back of the palace:

We spent a while trying to work out the Roman numerals over the windows, the palace was built in the 16th century.

Some very pretty architecture from the parliamentary area of the city.

I expected more of this kind of architecture but The Hague is a very modern city, lots of tall glass buildings and big name shops.

We popped into McDonald's for lunch and to use their loo's-all six of us using the toilets in Holland cost us quite a bit! We estimate we spent around £30! We took the children into a huge toy store where Piper bought a new Top Model book-cheaper than at home-and Ruben bought an Ironfist action figure.

After getting a bit lost we eventually found The Hague's beautiful coastline and the sun came out too :)

The children were a bit weary, I think from yesterdays safari park trip, so we didn't actually do too much walking. We loved exploring the fairy tale themed statues along the seafront and trying to guess which stories they were based on.

The beach was very pretty and clean and there were lots of super cool cafes beachside and the usual seaside shops. We visited a fantastic coffee shop on the way back to the car and had a white mocha-best coffee I have ever had, was delicious!

These are Cordelia's photographs of the day:

This photo was because of a game we played last night where Piper named something Sue and so they all found it very funny when we walked past this gallery:

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