Sunday, 4 May 2014

London- V & A Museum of Childhood and Tower of London

For a while now we have wanted to visit the V & A Museum of Childhood and as we were travelling down to Folkestone for a trip into Europe it seemed like a good opportunity. Its about a 3 hour drive from where we live in Yorkshire to London and this time we even managed to find the rarest of things in London-a free parking spot! Sundays are quieter in London and there is no congestion charge so its a great day to drive in. We parked around the Bethnal Green area and just a 5 minute walk from the museum:

Inside there were lots of things from all of our childhoods! Ruben loved all the Superhero things as he is hugely into anything Superhero-ish at the moment. 

Piper also enjoying the Superheroes-their not just for boys you know!

We loved all the dolls but I loved the dress on this doll..

And I have to admit to being super excited when Hubby pointed out these two beautiful Chinese gardens that were sent from the Chinese Emperor to Josephine Bonaparte-the wife of Napoleon. I read the book of her life recently and am in total awe of the lady, sadly she never actually got to see these two beautiful gardens because the ship carrying them was intercepted by the British:

As a breastfeeding mama to all four of my children I loved this statue on the top floor of the museum:

A crib fit for a King or at least a very rich family...

Piper loved looking at the huge collection of dolls houses:

We had a walk around the Jacqueline Wilson exhibit, the girls were a bit grumpy about it as they no longer read her books but as I explained to them JW's book were a huge part of their childhood and who is to say if they hadn't have read her books that they would be the avid readers they are now?! She had a huge influence on the girls for several years and I think they will look back one day and recognise that. Piper said she knew most of the info in the exhibition but I enjoyed reading along and thought it was lovely how she writes to her fans and has a friendship with one girl who sends things she makes to JW, how sweet.

Ruben loved the rocking horse:

The museum didn't take as long to walk around as I thought so as part of our Historical Palaces Family Membership we took Hubby to see the Tower of London. He was working last year when we visited so he didn't get a chance to visit. We had a walk around the harbour first though as the sun was out..

Cordelia got some lovely photographs-which I must blog!

We queued for ages to see the Crown Jewels again but the children so wanted to show their Dad how cool the conveyor belt you have to stand on to see them was! He thought it was great, in fact he thought it was all brilliant! We all love the dragon in the White Tower:

Outside we had some ice creams next to the River Thames:

Before wandering back slowly to the car, Hubby took us past the Lloyds Building-we had watched it on a recent program about Lego and architecture and we also found these huge numbers outside:

The Fabulous Four Pesky Hobbits!!

Back to the car and to our hotel, we were shattered so all slept well before our early start across the Channel..

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  1. I am so pleased you made it to the Museum of Childhood - We saw that Lego program too