Monday, 5 May 2014


A bit of a novelty for us was being in France at 9.30 am via the Eurotunnel and not having a seriously long drive South! This time we were heading to the campsite of Beekse Bergen in Holland, only a couple of hours drive from Calais and we decided to stop in Belgium. Brugge was on our way through to Holland and Hubby had done some research into the history so it was a perfect place to stop and stretch our legs. First impressions of Belgium-stunning arctitecture and wonderful smells of waffles drifting in the air. (Their was a strong smell of horse pee too though from the square where horse and carriage rides are incredibly popular with tourists)

The Belfry tower, famous for its cat flinging-which thankfully they no longer do! It was apparently to ward off bad spirits and their is a festival still every 3 years but no cats are harmed nowadays.

For 25 euros we had an amazing lunch of fresh Belgian waffles, Hubby and the kids opted for chocolate sauce:

 whilst I went all out and had warm cherries and fresh cream-I've never tasted anything so good.

The tour guide book Hubby had brought along took us on a little walk around the back streets of Brugge, we probably wouldn't have seen so many things without it (I'd highly advise picking up tour guides for cities as we didn't have one for Amsterdam and feel we missed lots of parts!) I loved this pretty florists shop:

A very busy square with lots of horse and carriages full of tourists, Cordelia took about 100 photos of the horses so I just took photos of buildings...

As we walked through the beautiful arch the pretty waterways appeared:

Ruben waved to every single boat that passed us :)

Cordelia's Photographs from Brugge:

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  1. I loooooove Brugge :-) Such a lovely city. I'll never forget the prettiest sounding church bells in the world. I'd love to go back some time. Nice to be reminded as I forgot to take many pics when we went! X