Thursday, 8 May 2014


Breda wasn't too far from where we were staying, the weather was pretty torrential and we were all feeling a bit tired so we thought a wander around Breda would be nice.

The cathedral was very impressive:

It was very quiet-probably due to the rain-but for the hour we walked around we had a brief respite from the heavy rain. Not sure what this building was exactly as the sign was in Dutch but we think it might have been some kind of military building as we spotted a Eurofighter plane in the grounds-Bailey was impressed!

There were some older buildings, which was nice to see as so much of Holland felt really new and modern, the roads, the buildings, the houses.

Another beautiful cathedral not far from the first one:

The rain started again so we bought some lunch and ate it in the car before deciding to visit the supermarket and head back to the campsite. Visiting supermarkets in other countries is always a fun experience! An easy tea of pizzas-not a patch on hubby's homemade pizzas and some fried chips and mayo, not that I'm hooked on chips and mayo or anything. We also picked up some toast sprinkles-they had a huge selection in the supermarket- for breakfast....

Back at the camp Hubby took Cordelia and Ruben for a swim at the pool complex whilst Bailey, Piper and I all chilled out and read our books. Hubby has taught all of the kids to play poker whilst we have been here and so its become a bit of an evening ritual :)

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