Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Beekse Bergen Safari Park

I booked our stay in Holland with Eurocamp, we have previously stayed at one of their campsites in the South of France and their prices are very reasonable for a family of 6. Staying in a caravan is not to everyone's cup of tea I realise that but for us we love the fact that we can spend several days or weeks in Europe on a budget and see so much. Everyone holidays different and I'm sure one day I will crave the luxuries of hotels etc but I only see a caravan as a place to sleep, shower and eat breakfast. Our caravan was modern, clean and whilst the bedrooms were a bit on the small side the living space was roomy enough for the six of us. We are usually exhausted from all our gallivants that I think I could sleep in the car to be honest but the caravan is the better option. Going away in May is also low season making our trip even more reasonable-benefits of Home Educating!

 I am not normally to interested in facilities on the camp sites but when I saw that Beekse Bergen had a Safari Park we could visit for free it sounded perfect for our animal loving Cordelia and Ruben! We also had free passes to visit Speeland, which was a water park with a sandy beach and play areas, but we only managed to visit once as the weather was a bit rainy and we were out most of the time at other places. I think when our four children were smaller it would have been the perfect place to spend a sunny day, the campsite even had a free bus service to get to the safari park so you could leave your car at the campsite. We took our car and parked in the car park rather than drive around, mainly we weren't expecting it to be quite so huge but it was a really wonderful walk around. (Although you have to have a token to leave the car park it was only 5 euro's as we had our passes, so its worth bearing in mind if you don't read the small bit on the bottom of the safari guide-Eurocamp never mentioned it to us).

We have visited several Zoo's in the UK and France but I have to say that Beekse Bergen was hands down the best safari park ever, we saw so many animals that we had never seen before. One highlight for me was watching the elephants and monkeys in a huge space together, Hubby and I went to queue for lunch whilst the children sat right next to the open space and Cordelia took photo's. I heard a large noise and looked up in time to see an elephant rushing towards a monkey that was clearly being annoying. When we got back to the table with our fries and mayonnaise the children told us how fab it was watching it up close. The dust the elephant threw up in its speed just added to the excitement!

These are Cordelia's photos from the safari park:

 A Zebra foal:
 Milk time:

We think this Hyena might have been pregnant?

The Rhino's had a huge area to live in.

Highlight for Cordelia and Ruben was the mini goats that you could go in and pet:

There were lots of brightly, coloured birds to see:

Feeding the fish! Never seen so many carps in one place ever:

Love this photo of the crocodiles eye-very arty..

The hippos had a lovely, big pool to swim in too..

These birds had the most brightest coloured feathers:

Baby Rhino :)

These are my photo's from the safari park:

Ruben seeing how far he can jump!

He made it to 3 meters!

Giraffes and zebra's in the background:

Checking out the flamingo's

Having a ride on a Zebra:

Ruben purchased a Red Panda cuddly after what seemed like hours in the gift shop looking for the perfect cuddly to take home. We had a fab boat ride to the other side of the safari park but we couldn't see the wild ponies :(

See how close we were to the elephants?..

If your thinking of going to Beekse Bergen I would highly recommend it, the Jungalows on the park looked awesome and if we visited again I'd definitely be staying in one.

All the opinions on Eurocamp and Beekse Bergen are my own, we paid for our own holiday :) 

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