Thursday, 3 April 2014

Yorkshire Lego Show and March Summary

It was actually ages ago that we went to the Yorkshire Lego Show, before we went to Northumberland but I just don't seem to have gotten around to much blogging during March. So in order to begin blogging more regularly I'm trying to move forward from all we did last month including the Lego show.


Has been a lot of boring errands like annual eye tests, dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments for Bailey, haircuts etc... nothing worth really blogging about but enough things to keep me busy and distracted not to blog (lame excuse). We had a bit of bad news with our car and its MOT so that has meant March and going into April being very frugal with some expensive car repairs to come but hey ho such is life! Before we found out about the car however we had a fab mini break in Northumberland which I blogged about here, it was really relaxing and also very inspiring to be around so much nature. Since we have come home we have been making a real effort to get outside for walks more and done lots of things in the garden. We only moved here in December 2013 and last year was a really busy one starting our new business and getting it up and running so the last few months-whilst the business has been quieter-we've had a real chance to make this house much more homely. The same can be said for the garden, its been very unloved and very overgrown and we have quite a big garden so its taken a lot of hard work and now we are beginning to see a much nicer space. Hubby, Ruben and I spent last weekend getting some vegetables planted and this week we have had courgettes, pumpkins and onions all sprouting in our mini greenhouse. I'm not much of a gardener but I like watching things grow and enjoy growing things that we will hopefully get to cook and eat! Ruben has reclaimed the playhouse we bought for the younger three several Christmas' ago and so that is our current project in the garden, he is wanting to make it into a Pokemon centre for all his pokemon figures and toys. Hopefully when the weather dries out a bit we can get on with painting it.

We had a few trips out last month too including a trip to Melton Mowbray-famous for its Pork Pies- this was manily to get Piper a pork pie as she is a huge fan! We visited the Ye Olde Pork Pie Shop, and found that the Queen had also visited! Have to admit that it was a pretty good pork pie too. Here she is with her pies:

Cordelia must be drawing over 10 pictures a day at the moment, mainly of horses but she has also drawn some excellent birds and begun experimenting with water colours too. Here is one of my favourites:

She has also been having regular horse riding lessons-its been nearly a year now since she began and she has made fabulous progress. from the minute she climbs on the horse a huge smile appears over her face and it doesn't leave until she is back off it!

Piper has been creative in a different way and really gotten back into story writing, she is currently writing a story which I've been allowed to have a sneaky preview of and its very good. I've asked her to guest post on the blog and talk us through her dolls house-its all finished now and looks amazing.

Ruben has a new xbox game which he has spent a lot of time on inbetween Minecrafting, playing lego and becoming slowly more obsessed with Superheroes. He has even been doing some reading and I've noticed when we are out he reads me signs or road name son the sat nav, the other day he told me if we were to change some letters around on a street name then it would make Bailey's name. I think he can read a lot more than what he actually lets on but I'm not pushing the issue. He has been in charge of his best friend's goldfish for the last two weeks and is being very mature in remembering to feed them and looking after them.

I think that pretty much sums up March, I'm never going to be a daily blogger, maybe when I first started the blog I could have been because we spent a lot of time going out and seeing/doing things but I'm noticing as the children all get older we are spending more and more time at home. Maybe this is just coincidence because its been winter but the girls are wanting to come out with us less and less-they's much rather be home drawing and reading, Bailey has been working really hard on his English and Math GCSE, with exams just around the corner and he's a bit of a homebody during the week. Preferring instead to spend the weekends with his friends. Either way I don't find much to blog about when we are at home all day-I think it would be boring to read!! The dynamics of our household are changing and so that has a knock on effect to everything else I feel.

 Here are some photos from our visit to the National Coal Mining Museum for the Yorkshire Brick Show:

We had chance to have a quick peek at a Pit Pony too!

Cordelia bought herself an Emmet figure:

And created this:

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