Monday, 14 April 2014

Sleepover Activities for Teens!

Last week my two girls had their best friends over for a pre-birthday sleepover. I was worried they might get a little bit bored so we had a little think and lots of google searching for some activities that they could do. We actually struggled quite a bit to find things that were free to make or things that were age related. So we had a look through our book shelves and found some craft books that were full of fun things to do.

The girls chose this eye mask to make, so we set about cutting all the materials ready to use and Piper found 4 sewing needles all ready to put each eye mask sewing kit in an envelope.

I had some lace that was perfect for the tie bits and so this is what the set looked like:

We had some leftover paper party bags that we filled with some chocolate celebrations and the girls wrote names on the bags and put them in their room ready for their friends. We also found a book which they could turn into a friendship journal/scrapbook.  I printed off some questions and gave the girls each a copy to fill in so they could add it into their book, I'm hoping over time they will add photo's and other bits and pieces in and it will be a nice record of their friendship :)

This is the finished eye mask:

The girls also busied themselves watching Sky Movies-they watched "Oz the Great and the Powerful" and ate chocolate. Cordelia had baked chocolate buns for them all to enjoy too. There were a spurt of trampoline bouncing/load giggling too.                                                                                                                                  

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