Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Less Chris Hoy more Chris Ow!

Hubby and I had a very rare date-day a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to write it up on the blog because it was so much fun. I don't think I've laughed so had in a long time.

Back in March I saw a Living Social deal for two adults bike riding hire at the beautiful Hassop Station, it was only £15 for a full day's hire so I thought why not? I am not much of a cyclist I have to admit-my co-ordination is rubbish really but I like trying new things so we gave it a go. My mum came and stayed with the children for the day and I got regular text updates as to how much fun they were having looking after nannan.

We managed to pick a very sunny, mild day. I have to admit though I only rode for a mile before I had to get off and have a sit down! So very, very, very unfit-my chest hurt, my thighs were burning etc....like I said I'm very unfit... But after only a short while we made it to the beautiful Monsal Viaduct....

Here we are looking smiley/delusional 

The view from the viaduct was very pretty-the Peak District is a very beautiful place.

Just as we were getting into the swing of things Hubby decided to "show-off" by cycling up a wall only to find further along there were some low-lying branches which then proceeded to hit him in the face, thus he lost his balance and fell of the wall-bike and all! I'd like to say I was of great help and comfort but in actual fact I laughed so hard I was of no use whatsoever. After I had regained composure once again (at least 10 minutes of laughing until tears streamed down my face) we checked hubby out for injuries-)to be fair he was laughing along too, maybe not quite as hard as me)-only to find that he had a rather nasty cut on his knee. This is where my status of really terrible wife comes into play-I had no first aid kit! All I had was a pack of tissues and a small pot of lipcare vaseline so I had to clean him up best I could. He was very brave though considering:

He had some very funny looks when he was back on the bike with his bloody knee though! Still we cycled on through several tunnels, it is a really beautiful spot and perfect for cycling, although personally I missed walking. I can't look at anything and cycle so I missed looking at things and being able to go at my own pace, I don't think cycling is something for me. It did get a bit chaotic at times with walkers, dogs off leads, children and other cyclists too so not sure I'd want to walk this path with the children.

We ended up cycling 12 miles in total!!

Lovely view of Bakewell at the end of the trail

Whilst I'm not sure I'd cycle it again I have to admit it was a brilliant day out, time to talk without interruptions and just enjoy the pleasure of my hubby's company, gammy knee and all. Back at the gorgeous Hassop Station Cafe for a well deserved ice cream :) 

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  1. I love the Peak District-such a beautiful area. Looks like you had fun :) I agree with you though-prefer walking to cycling (especially if the walk end in a nice pub !) x