Monday, 14 April 2014

Keepsake Boxes for My Children

I'm a terrible hoarder. Which when you have keepsake items from four children isn't necessarily a good thing. As they (and obviously I) have gotten older I have realised there are some things that are important to keep and others not so important.

With all four pregnancies I had kept baby books, I have my own baby book too somewhere and I enjoyed looking through it, plus when you have a baby-or in my case 4!-you forget some things! I always enjoyed writing in their books and keeping a record of when they did what.

We have moved house 8 times (I know its a lot!) since our first child was born and I had wittled down the children's baby clothes down to just one box. I actually wish I had just kept everything but that just wouldn't have been possible and I'm not sure the children would have appreciated that so much either...

Anyway..The clothes had all gone a little musty so I re-washed everything, I can't tell you how broody it made me to have all the baby clothes hanging up around the house! I also can't believe how tiny the clothes are, you really do forget things, especially when that teeny baby 6lbs 15ozs baby is now over 6 feet tall! Everything washed really well thankfully, I bought some acid free tissue paper and then set to wrapping each child's clothing in separate colours, it brought back some lovely memories and made me feel quite teary but I so enjoyed the flashbacks of memories. I wrote all four of them a little note and put some photographs in the envelope too-I managed to find photographs of the children wearing some of the clothes that I'd saved which I think is good because they won't remember wearing it!

I packed the boys things together in a plastic storage box with a lid and then I did the same with the girls things. I also put each of their baby books in so everything is together, I know it sounds a bit sad but I feel really pleased that everything is together and organised and as the children kept coming in and out of my bedroom whilst I was sorting it all out I know they will probably remember me taking the time to make these little boxes and hope one day, when I'm no longer around that they will still feel a little of their Mama's love.

I have put them under the bed as I read that keeping them in the garage (where they were before) or in the loft where the temperatures are too extreme will cause damage to the clothes. I don't expect the children to re-use the clothes or anything but I hope that they will treasure them as memento's of their childhood and know that they brought their mama very happy memories going back through all their teeny outfits and Christening Gowns.

I didn't photograph everything but here are a few photos from the girls box, I had already finished the boy's box when a fellow blogging friend suggested I did a blog post on it -Thank you Lisa!

Piper's Christening Dress:

First shoes for Cordelia

First shoes for Piper:

All wrapped up in acid-free tissue paper

Baby Books!

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