Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cordelia's 12th Birthday at Whitby

Cordelia's 12th birthday saw us all up early-6.30! She happily unwrapped presents including a new camera to pursue her new found passion of photography, as well as a new Sherlock bag and lots of horsey gifts for a horse mad girl!

She had decided she wanted to go to Whitby for the day to try out her new camera so we were up and out at 8.30-almost unheard off in this house!

Its been around 4 years since we had a trip to Whitby, its a bit of a drive from where we live and took just over 2 hours but it was worth it because its such a beautiful seaside town. As it was the Easter holidays it was very busy but we had a lovely walk around the cobbled streets looking at the antique shops, goth shops and lots of arty shops. Cordelia loved the pictures in the Sutcliffe Gallery.

We had a lovely walk on the beach looking for the famous Whitby Jet, we managed to find a few small pieces of jet and Cordelia had lots of fun trying out her new camera, especially with these colourful beach huts: 

We walked back across town to see the famous church from Bram Stoker's Dracula but first you have to walk the 199 steps up to the church!

It was a real thigh-burner!

But the views were spectacular from the top:

I think all my photo's of Cordelia will now be with a camera in front of her face!

Back down the hill after admiring the beautiful gothic style Abbey on the top of the hill and also a Horse and its foal-which Cordelia must have took about 200 photos off-we took the path rather than the steps but that was just as steep so we were definitely ready for our ice creams at the bottom. There are lots of cool, individual shops at Whitby and as it has a huge Goth Weekend every year there are lots of interesting shops-especially if you like geeky things like we all do. The children spent ages looking at Adventure Time, Regular Show and Minecraft merchandise in one shop and we spotted several shops selling all of their favourite video-game characters and quote lines. Cordelia even spotted her new birthday bag in at least two shops so she was very happy-clearly Sherlock is as big there as it is in our house :)

Time for some crab fishing then, I left Hubby with Cordelia and Ruben whilst Piper, Bailey and I went and bought doughnuts-well it is the seaside!!

Because of the doughnut shopping we missed the first crab-which apparently was pretty big-but we were in time to see this little cutie...

On the way home we called at a Shopping Outlet so Cordelia could spend some of her birthday money, she wanted a Mc Donalds for her tea so we all ate in there too-although Hubby, Bailey and I had to have fish and chips from The Fisherman's Wife, the younger three enjoyed their McDonalds before we headed home for cake!

Cordelia had asked for a lemon cake so the night before I baked lemon cake with lemon frosting-she loved it

Time for a quick birthday selfie!

We had an episode of Sherlock from her new DVD before bed-we were all a bit wiped out. She had such a lovely birthday and I am so looking forward to seeing the photo's she took, she has in the last few months become so artistic and it is wonderful to see some of her hormonal angst going into something so positive and beautiful. Happy 12th Birthday to our beautiful girl, love you lots xxxxx

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  1. what a lovely birthday Cordelia. Zoe fab cake as usual…Enjoy taking photosxxx