Monday, 14 April 2014

A Minecrafting Playhouse for Ruben

For a while now I have been wanting to do something with the children's old playhouse. They never really used it that much but we put it up last year, just after we moved here and put a new roof on. It's a shame it's not being used and I'm well aware they are all getting a bit old for it so Ruben and I came up with a bit of a plan to spruce it up a bit.

He sat and drew some Pokemon posters to go inside:

This is what it looked like before:

We went to Wilkinson's and bought some green garden paint-Ruben chose the colour. One we started painting it I thought it looked a bit like a Minecraft house so we came up with the name MineHut. Ruben painted a sign to go over the door from a piece of leftover wood. I bought some green bunting off Ebay to make the outside look a bit cheery. Here's what it looked like when we'd finished:

Ruben made some clubhouse rules which we put on the inside of the door:

We put all his Pokemon posters up:

And some Lego posters, he also drew a Minecraft poster:

Hubby found some old pieces of wood in the garage and made some shelves to display the hundreds of Pokemon figures he has:

We managed to fashion a bench of sorts from some spare wood in the garage and I used some old garden cushions to make it comfy to sit on. I managed to pick a few cushions up from the car boot sales for a £1 each which make it much more homely. I will recover them at some point with something more Minecraft-ish. 
I had some material from IKEA so managed to make two curtains which easily threaded on to some bamboo canes which hubby then hooked on to the wall. 

Here is the finished hut:

A happy boy in his MineHut and all for the grand total of about £18!

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