Thursday, 13 March 2014

Keilder Observatory & Skyspace Walk

Our last full day at Keilder Water so we decided to do a few smaller walks, firstly we walked near the Keilder Viaduct and also popped into see the bird hide but it was already busy with several bird watchers. They did let the children look through their fancy telescopes and they were lucky enough to see a Green Woodpecker and Mandarin Duck-no photo's sadly.

We then drove to the car park at Skyspace and began our walk up the hill to see the Skyspace structure and Keilder Observatory-although the observatory wasn't actually open I still wanted to see it. I had tried to book us on to some of night time shows but it was completely full for the week we we there which was a shame. Keilder boasts the darkest night skies in England and the stars were definitely clearer and brighter although it was so cold we only popped outside for 10-15 minutes to look at them each night.

The Skyspace structure was close to the observatory and a good 1 1/2 miles uphill so we took a relatively gentle stroll up to the top. The structure itself was quite cool with a huge circular hole in the top so you could see the sky, it lights up different colours at dusk and dawn which must be cool to see but I wouldn't fancy the walk in the dark. We only sat inside for a few minutes as it was quite cold inside so we went back and sat in the sun to have our lunch.

Feeling very tired once we reached the top-our total miles this holiday have been around 22+!

The outside of skyspace:

The view of Keilder Observatory:

And the view down the hill: I loved the Christmas trees that were planted everywhere-perfect for bauble bombing :)

Ruben wanted us to do a top of the hill selfie :)

The outside of skyspace:

In the evening we had a walk back to the squirrel hide near our cabin:

Compared to our visit yesterday morning it was extremely quiet-there was only a couple of owls in the distance. No birds or squirrels. It was a little eerie to be honest

Being quiet and looking for birds:

The night sky was very pretty on the walk back up to the cabin though:

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