Monday, 10 March 2014

Hexham Old Gaol

We stopped in Hexham on our way to stay at Keilder Water, there really isn't much near where we are staying so we really needed to stock up before we got there. I'm glad we had the opportunity to visit Hexham as it is a really beautiful place. I had read about The Old Gaol before we visited, its the oldest purpose built prison in England and was built in 1300. Unfortunately it was closed on the day we visited so we didn't get to see the inside which was a shame. Just as its great to get cheaper term-time holiday deals it has its downsides-not everything you want to see is always open.

It was still a very foreboding building to see but it looked quite pleasant in the March sunshine.

It was used for a prison for over 500 years. Cordelia found these stocks outside in the courtyard and couldn't resist imprisoning herself...

Just across the road from The Old Gaol is the Moothall-the second one we have seen this year!

There were some lovely shops and a beautiful Abbey too. We treated the children to a new book each from Waterstones, something that I rarely do because we generally buy books from Amazon but there's nothing quite like a proper book shop. I could have bought lots in there! Piper bought "Divergent" by Veronica Roth, Cordelia bought "Wreck This Journal", Bailey bought "Nothing" by New Scientist and Ruben bought the Lego Movie Minifigure sticker book. We went to Tesco and did lots of food shopping which was a very good job because I don't think we realised until we arrived at Leaplish Holiday Park how we remote it actually was! There were only 30ish cabins so a much smaller holiday park than January's centerparcs stay.

We stayed in a lovely log cabin, it was lovely and cosy with views of the lake. We had tea when we arrived and then headed for an evening walk, something which we rarely do at home but it was so lovely. I think it might be the quietest place I have ever visited with beautiful clear skies fro star spotting. We had a competition to see who could spot the first star out-the winner got first pick of the Krsipie kreme box :)

Cordelia's shot of a Raven in the trees above:

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