Monday, 10 March 2014

Hadrian's Wall

Last week we had a mini break away in Nortumberland's Keilder Water. To break the drive up a bit and also to take advantage of how close we were to this brilliant piece of history we stopped off just outside of Hexham to see part of Hadrian's Wall. We have been talking about it with the children lots recently and the girls both went and looked for some information about it on the internet before we came. In my head I imagine dit being like the Great Wall of China (haha)-its not! Probably because its over 2000 years old and runs over 80 miles through lots of farming land! But the sun was shining and Spring was in the air and it was only a mile from the village so it was a lovely walk.

The kids were so impressed that the Roman's carried these huge stones.

Over the River we could see Chester's Fort which is run by the English Heritage but sadly it was closed. We could make out most of it from this side though and it was interesting to see how the bridge reached over to the other side. Its a shame its no longer there.

This was all that was left of Chester's bridge

Great for stepping stones though :)

How it should have looked:

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