Friday, 14 March 2014

A Spotted Woodpecker & High Force Waterfall North Yorkshire

Our last morning at the cabin :( we were up, packed and ready to go at 8.30am-some of us may have been excited to rejoin the rest of the world with wifi and 3G but I can't possibly say who....
Since we were up so early we decided to have a last walk to the red squirrel hide, very different from last night where there wasn't a single bird in sight...this morning we were spoiled with nearly a hundred chaffinches, green finches, nuthatch's and the red squirrels :) we were also very lucky to see a spotted Woodpecker!! We could hear him in the trees and then we all watched in excited silence as he flew down and rested on one of the bird feeders:

We've been very impressed with the wildlife we have seen whilst we have been here and it has completely inspired Cordelia's creativity-she now wants to look into photography and has started drawing sketches of birds. Lovely bit of strewing!!

It was pretty cold today so we set off back home via the North Penines-what a beautiful scenic drive even if it was a bit twisty and Bailey felt car sick :( There was even some snow upon the hills and some pretty grim rain and wind. We headed towards High Force waterfall, which we had passed at the other side of on our way back from Whinfell Forest in January. It promised a wonderful sight and din't disappoint, the sound of the water was deafening before we even reached it....

A 21 metre drop into the River Tees:

Four Pesky Hobbits and their Dad :D

Walking back to the car there were lots of little bits of woodland and streams..

We've had such a wonderful, relaxing week at Keilder and its been so nice to escape from all the distractions of home. 

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