Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lego Movie & Brit Awards

No blog posts for weeks then I do several all in one evening.

Yesterday we finally took four very excited children to see the Lego Movie. They have been waiting to see the movie since last year thanks to Youtube clips and have to say it didn't disappoint. We all laughed and I thought the message of the film was really sweet, even though after watching this programme Lego-Building Blocks of Architecture I agreed that is was a massive marketing campaign! I know this because despite having a fortune's worth of Lego in our house the children today have spoke lots about getting the new Lego Movie sets! They now covet an Emmet figure but were happy to find a red vintage space figure just like the blue one in the film. The girls and Ruben have spent quite a bit of time today building different Lego things inspired from the film. Ruben made a robot that transformed into a car, Piper made a roundabout for a playground and a house.

Watching the Lego programme also reminded me of a letter that Bailey sent Lego back in 2010, he used to want to be a Lego designer and sent them a letter asking what qualifications he needed to get a job :) I still have his reply....

We had a lovely walk with our dog today, the rain finally seems to be slowing and the weather was really quite mild. Felt like Spring was in the air today I hope it continues, I have missed the feel of sun on my bones. Bailey had his brace tightened and bands changed this morning, I can't believe how quickly his teeth are moving but it has been nearly a year since it was fitted.

After tea we all sat and watched last weeks Outnumbered, scary how realistic this programme is becoming for us now with older children. The girls and Ruben had some laptop time and then Cordelia, Ruben and I sat and watched the Brit's. Was really lovely to share our love of music and bands together, they loved seeing the Arctic Monkeys on TV, and hearing their Yorkshire accent. We were sad that London Grammar didn't win an award as we all love their album but happy that Rudimental won an award as they are one of our favourites. We are a house full of different music tastes but music is something that is always on in at least one room of our house.

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