Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lake Windermere Boat Trip

Normally I don't do boats but since this is a lake and not the sea...I won't get seasick-yay! You can't come to Windermere and not have a boat ride across the lake. You fully appreciate how huge the Lake actually is from the view on the boat..

And the water was so very still..

Ever since the girls, Ruben and I read Swallows and Amazons I have wanted to come on a trip the Lakes, now I totally see what Arthur Ransom did. We didn't make it to Coniston Water where the story was actually set but its on my list of things to do next time.

Despite the cold the girls braved sitting on the top deck, like two little old ladies...

Hubby, the boys and I all settled for the warmth of radiators and windows downstairs however.. This is the smallest registered island on Windermere, it won't be there for much longer though sadly.

Lots of little boats bobbing on the water..

Really hard maybe impossible to see from this photo but there was about 25-30 cormorant birds sat on this tree. We saw so many sweeping across the water, Hubby and Ruben had a competition to see who could see the most.

Even the sun made an apperance

After the boat ride Ruben made a friend Lakeside..

The Lake District's most famous resident was Beatrix Potter so we couldn't resist a trip into the shop. Windermere is a lovely place but very touristy.

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