Thursday, 6 February 2014

An average home ed day in February

This morning everyone was up and about for 9am, I'm finding that winter is making us all get up later. The girls took ages showering and sorting out things in their room. Bailey hoovered up and then did some Warhammer painting, he is having a well deserved day off coursework as he is so ahead and on top of things. Ruben played Minecraft on the Xbox before spending ages looking for his Minecraft Redstone book-he still hasn't found it!

Hubby did some gardening whilst I painted a bookcase and a mirror in an Annie Sloan colour I mixed myself. 2014 is shaping up to be another year of Annie Sloan colours in this house! I also baked a lemon cake so the house smells divine.

Cordelia has done lots of horse drawings, Piper has managed to paint all the ceilings in both the dolls house and basement extension. They both played Minecraft on the xbox too. Their planning on watching another episode of Sherlock series 2 later.

The boys had a game of Magik with Bailey winning for a change. We popped to the shops for something for tea and also picked up some vegetable seeds so we can make a start on our veg patch. Ruben wants to grow pumpkins, carrots and courgettes this year so we bought those and Cordelia chose onions, potatoes, beetroot and garlic. Be great to get outside and do some planting soon, as soon as the rain stops!

Finding February is already going quickly, its been nice to have some time away from blogging and being on social networking sites. Sometimes a break from the online world feels like a holiday in itself, I'm finding myself spending less and less time reading about other people's moments and just enjoying my own moments. I read a great article last week, which happened to be on facebook!, it summed up just how I feel about being online at the moment and the time I was spending reading other people's tweets and status updates. I think instead of feeling connected to friends and family its all making me feel rather lonely and disconnected, so I think, for the time being anyway, its best to concentrate my energy on what's going on in my own house.

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