Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lego Movie & Brit Awards

No blog posts for weeks then I do several all in one evening.

Yesterday we finally took four very excited children to see the Lego Movie. They have been waiting to see the movie since last year thanks to Youtube clips and have to say it didn't disappoint. We all laughed and I thought the message of the film was really sweet, even though after watching this programme Lego-Building Blocks of Architecture I agreed that is was a massive marketing campaign! I know this because despite having a fortune's worth of Lego in our house the children today have spoke lots about getting the new Lego Movie sets! They now covet an Emmet figure but were happy to find a red vintage space figure just like the blue one in the film. The girls and Ruben have spent quite a bit of time today building different Lego things inspired from the film. Ruben made a robot that transformed into a car, Piper made a roundabout for a playground and a house.

Watching the Lego programme also reminded me of a letter that Bailey sent Lego back in 2010, he used to want to be a Lego designer and sent them a letter asking what qualifications he needed to get a job :) I still have his reply....

We had a lovely walk with our dog today, the rain finally seems to be slowing and the weather was really quite mild. Felt like Spring was in the air today I hope it continues, I have missed the feel of sun on my bones. Bailey had his brace tightened and bands changed this morning, I can't believe how quickly his teeth are moving but it has been nearly a year since it was fitted.

After tea we all sat and watched last weeks Outnumbered, scary how realistic this programme is becoming for us now with older children. The girls and Ruben had some laptop time and then Cordelia, Ruben and I sat and watched the Brit's. Was really lovely to share our love of music and bands together, they loved seeing the Arctic Monkeys on TV, and hearing their Yorkshire accent. We were sad that London Grammar didn't win an award as we all love their album but happy that Rudimental won an award as they are one of our favourites. We are a house full of different music tastes but music is something that is always on in at least one room of our house.

Ullswater Walk

Its not a holiday in the UK for us without an AA walk from a book, I bought hubby the Lake District version of the book ages ago and he was so excited to finally be using it. It was a beautiful day for a walk, really cold but still and sunny. We loved watching the clouds across the hills.

The snowy capped hills always in the background..

Walking over icy puddles

Seeing how thick/thin the ice was.

Pretty little waterfall on the hill

Views of the lake and the boat terminal, very quiet at this time of year

Ruben and I climbed up this mini hill to see these pretty trees

We even found a little camp fire someone had had.

The views from the other side of the Lake, it is 9 miles long and the second largest Lake after Windermere.

Lovely spot for lunch and also great rocks for smashing mums thermos, which was in the backpack, so no hot tea for her :( Have to admit to having a little tea tantrum here and Bailey was not my favourite person at that moment...

Still a fantatsic walk and so nice to be out in the fresh air. We had such a wonderful, relaxing week in the Lakes. We even saw a rare Red Squirrel walking to the swimming pool back on the park, which I think Hubby and Ruben were most excited about, no photos though as they are too quick and too shy. Lovely little things though.

Lake Windermere Boat Trip

Normally I don't do boats but since this is a lake and not the sea...I won't get seasick-yay! You can't come to Windermere and not have a boat ride across the lake. You fully appreciate how huge the Lake actually is from the view on the boat..

And the water was so very still..

Ever since the girls, Ruben and I read Swallows and Amazons I have wanted to come on a trip the Lakes, now I totally see what Arthur Ransom did. We didn't make it to Coniston Water where the story was actually set but its on my list of things to do next time.

Despite the cold the girls braved sitting on the top deck, like two little old ladies...

Hubby, the boys and I all settled for the warmth of radiators and windows downstairs however.. This is the smallest registered island on Windermere, it won't be there for much longer though sadly.

Lots of little boats bobbing on the water..

Really hard maybe impossible to see from this photo but there was about 25-30 cormorant birds sat on this tree. We saw so many sweeping across the water, Hubby and Ruben had a competition to see who could see the most.

Even the sun made an apperance

After the boat ride Ruben made a friend Lakeside..

The Lake District's most famous resident was Beatrix Potter so we couldn't resist a trip into the shop. Windermere is a lovely place but very touristy.


Still cold but it was just about dry enough for a walk around Keswick, driving through the Lake District is stunning, it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The snowy mountains look so inviting for a sledge...

The river in Keswick was full and looked very fast..

We found a fantastic play area though with beautiful views and so burned off a little of our energy!

Even Bailey joined in on the fun..

Look at those mountains!

Piper-who is becoming as rare as Bailey on the blog ..

Sweet sisters..

I loved this building in the town centre of Keswick, its called the Moot Hall and is the home of the Tourist Information so we popped in and stocked up on leaflets, Ruben bought a cuddly Red Squirrel toy and Cordelia a postcard for her collection.

Back at the lodge and a huge game of heroclix for the boys and a Twilight dvd marathon for the girls and I followed by a swim, tea and another Sherlock episode.

Lake District-Windermere!

We have been doing quite a bit of hibernating of late but at the end of January we had a mini break to Whinfell Forest Center Parcs. We've never been before so we weren't quite sure what to expect! The check in was a little strange and although I can see why they like no cars on the park we did find it a bit of a pain having to park away from our lodge. By the look of the carpark most people didn't leave the entire week but we were on the edge of the Lake District and we'd never been before so there was so much we wanted to do and see. We liked having the use of a warm swimming pool though but that is really the only facility we used so maybe center parcs is a bit wasted on us?? I found it a little strange that the only leaflets were for things you could do on the park and none for the surrounding area? We didn't let that stop us though..

We had a rainy walk around Kendal and spotted this beautiful little church which dated from the 13th century.  Was disappointed not to buy any famous Kendal Mint Cake whilst we were her though I used to love it as a teenager.

Couldn't resist a trip to see the most famous of all the Lakes-Windermere, it was HUGE and so pretty. Real life Swallows and Amazons with a little white boat sailing in the background. Beautiful views of snow capped mountains in the background too.

Trees, water and snow capped mountains-what a perfect way to spend a January day..

Cordelia took this photo of a little Robin

Even Bailey came along!

I think the bit the children loved the most was watching Sherlock series two on DVD after swimming and tea every evening. They are hooked on the BBC series and Piper even thinks its better than the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books, I think the fact its Bilbo Baggins and Smaug may have helped slightly too...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

An average home ed day in February

This morning everyone was up and about for 9am, I'm finding that winter is making us all get up later. The girls took ages showering and sorting out things in their room. Bailey hoovered up and then did some Warhammer painting, he is having a well deserved day off coursework as he is so ahead and on top of things. Ruben played Minecraft on the Xbox before spending ages looking for his Minecraft Redstone book-he still hasn't found it!

Hubby did some gardening whilst I painted a bookcase and a mirror in an Annie Sloan colour I mixed myself. 2014 is shaping up to be another year of Annie Sloan colours in this house! I also baked a lemon cake so the house smells divine.

Cordelia has done lots of horse drawings, Piper has managed to paint all the ceilings in both the dolls house and basement extension. They both played Minecraft on the xbox too. Their planning on watching another episode of Sherlock series 2 later.

The boys had a game of Magik with Bailey winning for a change. We popped to the shops for something for tea and also picked up some vegetable seeds so we can make a start on our veg patch. Ruben wants to grow pumpkins, carrots and courgettes this year so we bought those and Cordelia chose onions, potatoes, beetroot and garlic. Be great to get outside and do some planting soon, as soon as the rain stops!

Finding February is already going quickly, its been nice to have some time away from blogging and being on social networking sites. Sometimes a break from the online world feels like a holiday in itself, I'm finding myself spending less and less time reading about other people's moments and just enjoying my own moments. I read a great article last week, which happened to be on facebook!, it summed up just how I feel about being online at the moment and the time I was spending reading other people's tweets and status updates. I think instead of feeling connected to friends and family its all making me feel rather lonely and disconnected, so I think, for the time being anyway, its best to concentrate my energy on what's going on in my own house.