Friday, 24 January 2014

Wooden Daggers

Today has been a home day apart from a trip out to the library for the boys, the girls stayed home. Both boys were arguing over Marvel books in the library with Ruben sulking because Bailey got to them first! Explained that they could both read them but he still sulked for a while after, back at the car and there was an argument over which superhero was best! 

More Lego play back at home with a wedding for Arwen and Aragon, Cordelia has worn her hobbit cloak all day which was very sweet. The girls watched Lord of the Rings in bed last night and are watching the second film in the trilogy tonight. 

Bailey is completely up to date with all his work as we are off to Center Parcs next week for some family fun. So he has spent the afternoon painting Warhammer.

Hubby made the girls and a Ruben all wooden daggers this afternoon, they required two each apparently and he patiently sat and wrapped string on each dagger. They look cool and the children are very impressed!

I've had a headache most of the day so the girls and I snuggled on the sofa this afternoon to watch last weekends Call the Midwife, they love Chummy aka Miranda Hart. I'm achy from yesterday's yoga and feeling rubbish as trying to have less caffeine but the children are all in good moods and excited about next week :)

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