Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lego Hobbits, trip to Clifton Museum

Struggling to blog regularly as have no January motivation! But don't think that it means we are doing nothing because that's not the case.

Its been a month of games, mainly Heroclix-which the boys and Cordelia have become addicted too, chess, and the Magik card game Ruben had for Christmas. Piper has been busy building and painting her dolls house, which is proving quite a big task, maybe even more than she had expected, I'd like to say she is enjoying it but I am not sure. She likes to spend time thinking about doing things rather than actually doing them-she is a lot like me really, all ideas and no action. I think she would really rather be sucking her thumb on the sofa with a book...

There has been some one on one time with the children, only little trips here and there or walks but it is nice to get to chat to them one on one. We have tried to get out a little, we had a mooch around the charity shops both last week and this week. Ruben picked up two NHM dinosaurs at a third of the museum price so he was very happy. We made some new friends and saw some old friends at a friends birthday/graduation party last weekend which was fun. The girls found a new friend who shared their love of Skullduggery Pleasant so were very excited. We have had family visits and a few family dramas, not affecting us in particular but still a little draining. Yesterday the girls and I visited great-grandparents, my sister and her baby for cuddles before we had a few hours shopping for thermals in Meadowhall and even a sneaky cheeseburger! The boys had a home day, playing a mammoth game of Heroclix and hubby took Ruben and the dog for a little walk. Hubby is still really struggling with his ankle sprain, his ankle is still double the size of the other one so proving difficult to walk far. It has been great having some more help around the house again though and I will never take for granted my hubby's domestic skills!!

Yesterday the girls and I popped into the Lego store to fill up our complimentary lego box, it was given us before Christmas with a shop purchase, they had lots of fun filling it up with bricks in the pic n mix. Then they decided to build 3 minifigures between them-which took ages! They came away with a detective lady-Sherlock inspired-a mermaid with cool blue lipstick and a medieval lady with a hairbrush to brush Legolas' hair...

Back home and the new lego bricks came in handy to make Smaug-aka Ruben's Schleich dragon- a treasure pile

And Frodo a lovely garden for the Hobbit Hole....

Last week when we had finally got a new battery for the car we had a trip to Clifton Park Museum, sadly it was far too cold for a trip to the playground and it was raining but we had the museum pretty much to ourselves. Unfortunately, nearly all the top floor of the museum is closed due to a new exhibition installation so it took us less than an hour to walk around.

Cordelia showing hubby the famous bear, apparently these bears live in the Pyrenees so we could have seen some when we were there last year-we didn't but it was nice remembering our holiday. The bears used to be made to dance in the streets which reminded Ruben and I of our most recent Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear book.

Cordelia and Ruben love the rocking Zebra

Outside are some Roman column remains, which made for a very quick stepping stone challenge before we headed back to the car: 

We have been catching up with several of our favourite TV shows including: Sherlock, Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls-Ruben announced he wants to be just like him when he gets older, River Monsters, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, American Football play-offs and Ruben continues to be into Superheroes including his favourite Iron Fist.

The girls have been turning Top Model pictures into Tauriel, drawing, reading Lord of the Rings, playing Lord of the Rings, wearing their hobbit cloaks on walks and getting along very nicely in general! They had new beds this week and so a big bedroom sort out was required as well as a wardrobe sort out as they have both grown so much in the last few months.

Bailey has been making some really good progress with his college work, we had to have a really good chat with him about his attitude and behaviour, which was not a fun converstation but it feels like its made such a difference. His English work is slowly but surely making great progress and he's feeling much more positive and confident about it. The Maths continues to go from strength to strength and am amazed at what a natural apt he seems to have for it, not sure where it will lead but am feeling really positive for him. He is having lots of fun with his friends at the weekends to break up all the study.

I, meanwhile, am trying to spend less time on social media as I'm finding it counter-productive and if I'm honest a bit depressing. Trying to find inspiration in lots of other ways and even managing to find some time to read! Feel like I've been lost in the midst of home educating, cleaning, cooking etc and trying to find what I actually enjoy doing is not as easy it may sound. Today I started reading this book:
The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood

Its an interesting read so far. I'm also reading a book about Napoleon's first wife Josephine, which is all-consuming and fascinating. Was hoping Piper could read it after me as she loves historical novels but its far too raunchy! So I just keep passing on bits of facts and information on Josephine and Napoleon. We've had a lovely if brisk walk today as its cold but it gave Cordelia and Ruben a chance to wear their hobbit cloaks and take their wooden swords out. Back home for Heroclicks, doll's house painting, lego building and meat and potato pie making for me. Must blog more regularly as its a struggle to remember everything otherwise!


  1. I loved reading about Napoleon and Josephine. I have the trilogy if you want to borrow themxx

  2. January has been an up and down month for me so far. Probably more ups than downs. Have been missing your blog x