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End of Year Review 2013

I'm not sure I've ever done a year review before? But I have read lots of other home ed blogs that have done and thought it was a good idea. Its taken me quite a while to pull all of our year together which I suppose shows how much we have done this year. Sometimes it can feel like not much is happening at all which looking over our year is so not true at all. This year has seen us end with all our children in double digits!! 2014 looks already like its going to be a year full of exciting things and I'm really ready for a fresh start at a new year. 2013 saw a lot of change for us as a family, hubby leaving full time employment to becoming self employed and starting up our own business, I'm excited to see where it shall lead this year. Bailey will be turning 16 in the summer and taking his first ever GCSE exams, I've no idea where that will lead but I'm excited for him. We have another year of watching our children grow and learn and I'm so happy to be part of that. But I've enjoyed looking at all the things we have done in 2013, I hope you do too:


We visited:
Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood
The Swords of Middle Earth at Leeds Armouries Museum, a great treat for our Hobbit/Lord of the Rings fans and the children had a go with a crossbow too. We found out some sad news about Vina Cooke and had a great amount of snow fall and also a great amount of grumpyness! January is also an interesting month....


We visited:
Rufford Abbey
The Florence Nightingale Museum in London
The British Museum
Raglan Castle
Cardiff and Cardiff Bay
The Forest of Dean where we followed the trails of wild boar!
Merthyr Tydfil-fantastic museums!
The beautiful Symonds Yat where we had a tough but fantastic walk. It was a super cold month but we managed to get out and about lots obviously!


Was still very cold. We had more snow too. It was all about Pokemon and Lego in March along with the biggest Easter Egg EVER!!!! No idea how I'm going to beat that next year...

We visited: The Hepworth for some art, the girls baked yummy chocolate cakes and we did some Soap Carving with a fantastic artist.


We visited:
The home of Henry V111 Hampton Court Palace
Took the kids on the tube for the very first time
The Tower of London & The Crown Jewels

Kensington Palace
Platform 9 3/4

Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Sudbury Museum of Childhood where the kids had an epic game of chess on the lawn
Bailey passed out in a Mosque! but he was ok, he had four teeth removed over two days-brave boy!

Cordelia turned 11 years old with An Unexpected Hobbit Party 
 and a Hobbit Hole birthday cake:

and her Horse Riding Lessons began


Meeting up with friends at Sherwood
Peak District walks
A trip to Warhammer World

Took the children to visit the Blue John Cavern in the Peak District
Made the girls and Ruben Hobbit cloaks we then had an atmospheric visit to Fountains Abbey to try them out.

Visited a Jewish Synagogue
Had a 5 mile walk at Chatsworth


We went on a mini camping trip to one of our favourite places Bala in North Wales

Tried to climb Mount Snowden again...and failed....

Bailey attended a 3 day Games Britannia festival at Sheffield Hallam University
We visited the home of Sir Isaac Newton at Woolsthorpe Manor
Bailey turned 15 at Warhammer World

We had a walk in the peaks over the Monsal Viaduct
A trip with bikes to Clumber Park


We went fishing with daddy
Had a trip to Spurn Head and The Deep all on the same day!

Bailey passed his assessments to get on a Maths and an English GCSE course
A trip to see the sea
Climbing experience and Archery,


We had a fantastic day out at the zoo seeing the dinosaurs.

Cordelia had a great day at the stables for her pony day and also had to deal with some tough growing up stuff.
We had a great day out at Newark Antique Fair and managed to talk Hubby out of buying several taxidermy foxes...
I, along with several other blogging friends looked at the economics of Home Educating, an interesting post which I enjoyed writing.
For a reason unbeknown to me this post the fish that got away has become one of the blog's post popular posts?!


Is always a favourite month for me and not just because its my birthday, its just a great time of year. We had a much needed holiday in France and hands down this was the highlight of my year. I love traveling to new places and I love France, we saw so much in our two weeks here but my favourite places were:
BiarritzThe stunning LourdesOur first family trip to Spain, my most favourite birthday ever in St Jean De Luz, the beautiful city of Pau and the magnificent Pyrenees . A truly wonderful month!


A quiet month after our busy September but we tried to keep with our family walks, this walk in Crich was pretty tough going but fabulous views. We also had a visit to see the Imperial War Museum & the Lowry.

The girls and Ruben had great fun making homemade Halloween costumes and had lots of compliments from neighbours when they went trick or treating. I felt a bit reflective about having teenagers...


My quietest blogging month as winter hibernation began setting in. We had a really fun day out with some friends in Hull and learnt some new things too. We visited the Donna Nook Seals which was a truly amazing experience for all of us, they were such beautiful animals and it felt very special to see them just being born.

We all enjoyed watching the 50th Dr Who episode and Cordelia even made a tardis cake! Ruben turned 10 at the end of November so now all our children are in double digits which is both exciting and terrifying! He celebrated with a Minecraft Party which he thought was awesome.


W all got very excited about Christmas, watched Elf a ridiculous amount of times, drank hot chocolate, watched a lot of movies together, squeezed in a few walks together and generally just chilled out after a super busy 2013. Highlights of December are visiting London, Hubby and I celebrating 14 years of marriage on 11.12.13, Piper's Adventure Time Birthday Party and her becoming a teenager!

So there it is Four Pesky Hobbits year in review, phew no wonder I'm so exhausted!! Here is hoping to a busy and prosperous 2014. Happy New Year :)

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