Thursday, 12 December 2013

Unity, chores & Heroclicks

Another home day today, seems to be the flow of things at present. We had a bit of a chat with the children last night about helping out around the house a bit more. At present Bailey hoovers maybe twice a week and feeds the cats daily, the girls feed the dog and Ruben has no chores. With six of us and four pets all home each day there's always a lot to do, whilst it's great we have two bathrooms and three toilets that's a lot of cleaning to do. Plus hubby and I are running a business from home all this with no outside help, sometimes it can all be a bit too much for two people. So we asked the children to help out a little more, just maybe running the hoover round which Ruben did this evening, sorting the clean washing out which the girls did this afternoon and washing some pots (we have a dishwasher for most of the pots) after tea which Bailey did. It was much nicer feeling everyone was helping out a bit. Hubby and I had our chores of bathroom cleaning, sorting dirty washing, cooking etc but it felt better knowing we'd all played a part today. I hope it continues but I'm slightly dubious, we'll see I suppose....

Hubby introduced the children to a game called Heroclicks today, it's something we've been selling in our shop and he thought the boys would enjoy it. They did! Even Cordelia joined in after seeing the boys enjoying themselves so much. I had to pop out for a bit but Hubby says he made lunch only to find the boys and Cordelia setting up a new game for the three of them! He said it passed two hours!

Meanwhile Piper did some knitting and by the time I came home everyone was sat watching the new Spider-Man film together :) happy husband, happy children.

The evening has been spent playing Lego and the usual Animal Jam/Xbox gaming. We are off to meet friends tomorrow and have a busy weekend ahead with lots to look forward too :)

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