Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stars Twinkling

Today we have had an indoors day, its been far too windy to be outside. The trampoline blowing across the garden made us all feel very glad that  we could just have an indoor day today. The weather has been awful here today and when Hubby popped out to the supermarket there was a huge tree blocking the road so I'm really glad we didn't have to get anywhere important.

Ruben is still made up with a bad cold so he has had a bit of a PC day playing Animal Jam and Minecraft. Hubby played Dungeons and Dragons with Bailey, Ruben and Cordelia which was nice as they haven't played it in a while. Piper and I meanwhile were busy looking for lego pieces to finish another of the Hobbit/LOTR sets. Piper had finished Weathertop earlier so she is really making progress. Still amazed when I look at the amount of lego we have in this house.

The girls were excited to find a lego figure today in their advent tree-Legolas' father Thranduil and the boys got a cloud city car today.

We watched an interesting programme on Channel 4 last night about Video Games and how they've changed the world, it was recommended by a friend and was really good. We let Bailey and Piper watch it too but it was quite shocking in places and the use of bad language seemed a bit unnecessary tbh. The bit about Minecraft was interesting though and it came across in a really good light especially in comparison to a lot of the other games. Very thought provoking and made for some interesting conversations with the children today.

We have had a few visitors today and the children had a great play with their friend R, they all played under the Christmas tree with the horses and when I asked why under the tree? They said it was because it looked like stars twinkling :) very sweet. Ruben had another birthday present from R which was two TMNT figures, he LOVES them and has been flinging pizzas and swords all evening. I was also given a late birthday bag full of goodies including this fantastic knitting book, I can't wait to get started on Big Ben!

Cordelia has done lots of horse pictures today, Bailey has finished this weeks maths assignment and I have ordered the Christmas turkey and Christmas dessert-yum, can't wait!!

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