Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ruben's 10th Minecraft Birthday Party!

Saturday saw my youngest child go into double digits! Ruben turned 10! He woke us up at 6.50am which is not too bad for him, he only had a few presents to open but they were exactly what he'd asked for-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lego sets so he was a very happy boy. He had his requested birthday breakfast of two bacon bagels before he began building his new lego sets. He wanted to have a Minecraft themed birthday party. We have a tendency to theme birthday parties here which you may or may not have noticed! Hubby spent a lot of time coming up with game ideas and he and Ruben spent most of last week making up the games. Hubby also made these cool minecraft party props:

Whilst hubby was in charge of party games I was in charge of party food, beginning with Ruben's cake which was as requested a minecraft squid:

I thought it was a little bit boring so I did rainbow coloured cakes inside, would have liked to have done all seven layers but as usual ran out of time and settled for just the three.

Spent a lot of time internet researching for party ideas and also came up with a few of my own:

Chocolate fingers and marshmallows that were iced with an icing pen to create "ghasts"

Probably the only two healthy foods on the table but it was a party! The grapes were in place of "slime balls"

Plain green party cups which i used black marker pens on to create creeper cups

Jelly sweets used to represent "redstone" and "coal"

Cookies and purple boiled sweets to represent obsidian

Diamonds aka millions sweets and McVities gold bars

Homemade golden apples-which took forever but were very tasty!

I printed these "potion of healing" labels of the internet and bought mini bottles of Tizer-perfect!

Plain green balloons which  were customised into creeper balloons with black marker pen.

Hubby created a minecraft block tablecloth from tissue paper squares and also made a "Happy Birthday" banner using printed cobblestone paper, he then cut out the letters and stuck them on a green back ground-it looked fab but didn't come out very well in the photographs :(

The party games played were:
Periodic table bingo: hubby printed out periodic bingo sheets for everyone. It was a good starter game.

Minecraft snowball fight: hubby printed out different Minecraft characters and them laminated them and stuck them on the back of toilet roll tubes. We used pairs of clean, white socks as the snowballs and everyone had 3 turns. Ruben now has them as posters in his room.

Minecraft Pick-an-Axe: Hubby spent ages printing Minecraft pictures off the internet and then laminated them and stuck them on a big piece of MDF. He then printed out lots of minecraft pick axes to cover the pictures and we split the children into two teams, they had to take it in turns to peel off a pick axe and try and find matching picture pairs, if they got them right they got to keep the pick axe. At the end of the game the children had to count up who had the most pick axes-the girls won this game!

Pass the TNT- Ruben painted a small box red then he put white paper with black TNT writing around the middle, the children passed it around to music and when the music stopped they had 10 seconds to run and find a "switch"-which were printed off the internet, laminated and stuck with white tack in the hallway-this was a good game but think too much sugar may have been consumed as the box was thrown rather than passed :-/

And finally make your face in minecraft masks- hubby cut up lots of flesh, blue, green, brown and orange coloured card into squares. He then cut square masks from cardboard and we put lots of glue sticks out, this was a great calming finally activity.

Playing periodic bingo:

Minecraft snowball fight

Minecraft Pick-an-Axe

Bailey had created a Youtube playlist of Ruben's favourite minecraft songs/videos which Hubby put onto the TV so all the children could sit and watch them whilst they had the party food. This worked brilliantly!

The "switches" for pass the TNT game

Making Minecraft face masks

All finished!

I bought green paper party bags and turned them into creeper faces which were then filled with sweets and some homemade minecraft hama bead swords and creepers that Ruben made last week.

They looked cool as decorations too:)

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