Monday, 16 December 2013

Piper is a teenager!!!!

I say it but I still can't believe my baby girl is thirteen years old. Out of all my labour's Piper's is the one I have the nicest memories of, even though it was hands down the most painful labour. I remember the midwives being really relaxed and sat having cups of tea and eating our M & S Christmas biscuits! And I remember walking through the house and leaning on the kitchen side when there was a contraction, it was all so calm and I wonder if that's why Piper is so chilled. She arrived into such a warm, relaxed, happy home filled with lovely people and when I pulled her towards me after I'd delivered her head and shoulders she lay on my chest and blew bubbles at me and her daddy. She was perfect. I remember Bailey getting up really early, about 3 hours after she was born and coming in to see his new baby sister, he was so excited to meet her and he felt so big next to her even though he was only 2 and a half years old. Such wonderful memories that make me so emotional to think back to.....

Back to present day and we were up just before 7am, which is a lie in really as Piper had barely slept and was awake from 6am! This year she asked for a Dolls House Emporium Classical Dolls' House so that is what she got, she was very excited and over the moon with her house. She got a few small presents from friends and quite a bit of birthday money which she is rather sensibly saving until the time comes to furnish the dolls' house.

She requested a breakfast of Pop Tarts, which Hubby says has been the easiest birthday breakfast of the year haha! Then we had to get ready and take Cordelia to the doctors as she had really painful swollen lips and I was worried they might be infected. The Doctor gave us some cream with antibiotics in and hopefully it will help. Whilst Cordelia and I were in the doctors Hubby took Piper and Ruben to the local craft shop so Piper could choose some paint for her dolls house. My Father in Law gave her a tip when painting the dolls house-use acrylic paint not gloss and use a roller not a brush so they bought acrylic paint and a smaller roller.

Back home and Hubby helped Piper construct the house, was a little tricky but its gone together really quickly and will need about 24 hours to dry.

As Piper had already eaten most of her birthday cake on her party I set about making her a chocolate tart instead of another cake, she is mad about chocolate :)

Piper meanwhile sat and filled in one of her new Usbourne Sticker Books-the 1920's fashion one, she loves it. A very chilled out day for a birthday really. Hubby picked up the Logo Board Game from the Charity shop earlier when he went to the post office for a bargain £2! So after a birthday tea of homemade pizza by Hubby we all had a game.  Ended up being a bit of a crazy game as think everyone was too full of pizza to pay enough attention so ended up being a super silly game. Afterwards we sang Happy Birthday and had some chocolate tart, yum.

Piper and Cordelia went on the laptops for a bit, Ruben had an early night as he was so tired from our busy weekend. Piper and I then ended up watching the next installment of Tudor Farm Monastery, its the 4th one we've watched now and its been a great series. Then early nights all round as everyone was so tired, think everything is catching up with all of us and we are all a bit shattered.

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