Friday, 6 December 2013

Mammoth Potatoes

Another day of coughs, colds and sore throats here so was glad to have yet another home day. Bailey and James had a 3 hour Warhmmer battle whilst the girls, Ruben and I cosied up in the room and watched Christmas movies. Today has very much been a TV day  but there has been some really good things on the TV just of late, I do love the Winter tv schedule.

Ruben has spent a lot of his day playing with his turtles sewer lair and the new turtle figures he got yesterday from his friend R and E. He was happy to receive a postcard from one of his friends today and is planning on writing back soon.

Cordelia has spent much of the day drawing horses, she found some great outlines online that she could trace round and is really loving doing all the fine details on the horses.

Ruben is off to his friend D's birthday party tomorrow so we have been making him a superheroes costume, he wants to go as Michelangelo so I managed to make him this mask from some felt:

Piper is continuing her efforts on the Lord of the Rings Lego set building, by the disappearing amount of Lego on the floor it seems to be going well.

We had homemade meat and potato pie for tea tonight, but since I left hubby in charge of the potatoes they were huge, hence today's blog title. Leftover jam tarts for tea as I made too much pastry for the pie :)

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