Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Homemade Christmas Gifts

There is nothing quite like a handmade Christmas gift, I'd have one over a bought gift any day especially when it's made with so much love. Last year the children each painted a plate for grandparents, they were gorgeous and I think I ended up forgetting to blog about them even though our trip to the pottery shop was really lovely-must go again in 2014!

This year the girls wanted to make their Dad a stag head as he really loves them plus it means a good alternative to a real one..which given half a chance he would love to have! I am rubbish with papier mâché and hobbycraft had managed to sell out of theirs so I found a papier mâché stag head online and the girls picked out decoupage paper from hobbycraft. We didn't use the expensive decoupage glue but watered down PVA glue which worked really well and was a cheaper alternative.

It was really easy to do and very relaxing:

This is what it looked like all finished:

We just need to find some wall space to put it up now. Hubby loved it too :)

A couple of months ago Cordelia found this idea in an Usbourne book, it's quite a simple idea really: you shape kitchen foil into a bird shape and then cut up/rip tissue paper and glue it on to the bird with PVA glue for feathers. Cordelia made several different birds all in different colours and gave them to nannan's and great nannan's.

She put each bird in a box with some care instructions and wrapped the box with gold tissue paper and ribbon.

She has had the most wonderful compliments from everyone. Her great nannan said it made her cry she was so touched by the thoughtfulness of it. Such a simple idea that was very inexpensive but filled with love, care and attention. 

Ruben made this picture for his grandad who is a very keen fisherman. Again it was an idea from an Usbourne book, he first scrunched up a piece of blue paper then stuck it down on to a white piece of paper making the "sea". He then cut out different fish shapes from magazines and stick them down swimming in different directions, he cut out a boat shape and made a man sitting in the boat and then drew on a fishing rod. We had an old picture frame in the garage so it was given a new lease of life:


  1. Absolutely love the stags head. Might have to have a go ourselves x

  2. I agree, the stag is amazing and so are the rest of your home-made gifts - fab x