Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Getting Excited about Christmas!

After a busy Saturday celebrating Ruben's 10th birthday we've had a more chilled few days. Sunday my sister and brother in law brought our new baby niece over so the children could finally meet her. The girls were super impressed and Ruben gave her a smile and a gentle pat on her head, which is as near as you get with him and babies! 
Monday we finally got around to putting our decorations up-we normally do it on the 1st of December, even when Ruben was a day old the tree was still up much to the surprise of the midwife hehe! We've had our white tree for 10 years now as I bought it weeks before Ruben was born, still love it though.

Cordelia helped me put all the branches on whilst we watched our favourite Christmas film-Elf (only for the third time this week!). Unfortunately our lights had broken :( hubby ended up going round several shops before I found some online at B & Q but it was too late to collect them so we had to wait until Tuesday morning to decorate the tree. Thankfully we still had another two smaller trees to decorate. Both of them are in the kitchen and the children have done a great job of decorating them-all of the downstairs is feeling very festive now.

All finished!

I even bought some pretty lights for my newly painted dresser, I think these will stay throughout the winter months though as I love them so much.

Every year we try and think of something different for advent calendars, I grew really bored of the cardboard shop bought calendars several years ago. With four children they took up a lot of space and I never liked them. We had a couple of years of making our own big shared calendar, then last year I made these individual bags with embroided numbers on. Last year they just had 4 chocolates in but this year they have Lego in. I bought Bailey and Ruben a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar to share but since we could not find one the girls would like we had to improvise! They were desperate for the Hobbit Lego Elf Army set that was released on Sunday so after a mad dash in between horse riding and picking my sister up I quickly went and picked it up from the Meadowhall Lego shop. Hubby has spent ages splitting it up into the bags so there are 24 sets to build along with a chocolate for each of the children. We couldn't find any branches so we had to cut this one from our tree! But it works  

As well as Christmas decorating we have also had a walk in the cold with the dog, played lots of MInecraft and Animal Jam. Piper has spent four whole days now rebuilding Lego Helmsdeep and has begun on Weathertop-inspired by the new Hobbit Lego set. Ruben has enjoyed listening to audio books on his MP3, it was a birthday gift and hubby has put some dragon stories on for him. He's had a cold/sore throat since Monday so its been perfect for him to snuggle up and listen too. Cordelia has also felt under the weather but managed to bake some yummy marble cupcakes this afternoon. Bailey has been trying his hardest to practice his English GCSE assignment and is making lots of progress. His maths tutor has told him he should be aiming for an A in his Maths GCSE exam next year-trying not to get too excited about this as a lot can happen in several months but we are extremely proud of him! He has also been doing lots of Warhammer painting this week. 

We've been watching Bear Grylls' Getting Out Alive on Discovery Channel, our favourite program Yonderland on Sky 1 and Toy Hunter-which the children love. Feeling very much like hibernating at the moment which I was feeling bad about until I started doing our review of the year post and realised how much we've actually done this year! So now I'm just enjoying the chilled out vibes in the house, especially as this time last year we had just moved in to this house and were all feeling unwell. Looking forward to the rest of December :)

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