Sunday, 15 December 2013

Family Christmas..and lots of baking

Yesterday we had a really busy day, I had lots of baking to do and we had some party games to organise for Piper's Adventure Time Party. I spent most of the morning making two layers of chocolate cake ready to turn into a Lumpy Space Princess and some chocolate cupcakes, Cordelia made a butch of her scrummy double choc chip cookies too so the kitchen was very hot and a bit manic! But it all came good in the end.

By the time I got round to having a shower and getting ready for a family party there was no hot water so I had to have a very cold shower:(

We got presents and cards ready to take over to my dads and then drove the 40 minutes over to their house. Was very busy with 12 adults and 6 children around but it was good fun. Ruben particularly enjoyed a family game of bingo where he was bingo caller. Cordelia and I fought over who got to give our new baby niece cuddles the most! She is so cute :) Before we knew it it was time to go, we had to drop Ruben off with his friends as he was off to see the circus again.

He was very excited and probably quite high on sugar and according to my friend had a whale of a time and managed to get himself on stage once again, my friend thinks he will have no confidence issues when he is older-fingers crossed! He got home just after 10 pm and after he had finished telling us all about it we all went to bed-it had been a long day and we had Piper's party to prepare for! Tired but happy children :)

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