Monday, 9 December 2013

Climbing Mondays

I have felt super achy today after yesterdays trip around London but amazingly Ruben was feeling fine and ready for his monthly home ed climbing wall session. I have no idea how, I felt tired just watching him but as usual he enjoyed himself!

Piper has been busy writing a new blog on behalf of our rescued Jack Russell Tallulah, its pretty bonkers but we like that about her to be honest. If you fancy a read you can find it here The Awesome Adventures of Chubby. That and the Lego is keeping her busy on her countdown to being a teenager this week!

Cordelia has been finishing off some of her handmade Christmas presents and Bailey has been keeping up to date with his Maths and English. He's done excellent with his Maths test again this week and his English is really improving so a much less stressful week :)

There was a crazy game of Lord of the Rings Lego this afternoon and the usual Minecraft before a cooked roast dinner.

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