Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Building Dolls' Houses!

Piper was excited to get started on her dolls house today now it has all dried, so she set about painting the front of the house. It was much quicker than she had expected so she got through all the front and then began on the actual house. 

She has picked a really lovely green colour, Grandad was right the acrylic worked really well, left a smooth finish and dried really fast too.

Here it is unpainted:

After Piper had painted all of her house she had a break to help Cordelia with a Christmas present for Dad, it's looking lovely and I can't wait to post a photo of it up but can't spoil the surprise! 

Hubby, Ruben and I took Tallulah for a little walk to get some fresh air and spotted this tree branch which had come down presumably last week in the heavy gales :(

You can see where it should have been:

And where it landed:

We were super lucky to spot a rare cuddly Armadillo on the branch though :)

We also saw some lovely Llamas on our walk and the farmer rounding up his sheep and geese which was rather funny!
Back home and we put our favourite Christmas film on -Elf and made snowflakes and paper chains to decorate the hallway-they look pretty cool :)

Cordelia's lips are much better today thankfully but she's still feeling a bit tired. She has had a chilled out day reading Harry Potter, playing Sims on the Xbox and making dads Christmas present. Bailey has done all of this weeks maths work, he scored an A on his weekly test and has spent this afternoon prepping for tonight's controlled assignment which he has to go into college for. He was a bit nervous before he left but I think he will be fine once he gets there.

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