Sunday, 15 December 2013

Piper's Adventure Time Party!

Piper doesn't really do parties as such, she has always been quite shy in big groups and has only had a handful of parties but this is a special birthday and 13 definitely deserves a party. It was more like a small gathering than a party though as she only invited 4 of her friends and one of them couldn't come so it was just the 5 girls in the end. I think that was about perfect for Piper because she was very comfortable and could be herself.

Hubby planned several games for them all to play, and we had said to parents that it was 11-5-so quite a long time but the love just hanging out and chatting so we thought it was a good amount of time for them to do everything.

Piper had chosen the food which mainly consisted of sugar! She wanted bowls of skittles, haribo, strawberry laces, profiteroles, chocolate cookies, chocolate cupcakes, mini pork pies and sausage rolls. I did some sandwiches and bread sticks too so that they at least had some food as well as sweets!

When Piper's guests arrived they sat and made these printable adventure time paper characters, it was a nice starter game and you can find the link here if you want to have a go with them. I think they are ace and we are planing to do all of them over the coming week. Cordelia's Ice King has gone on the top of our tree now!

Once Hubby arrived back with Cordelia fresh from her riding lesson we began the games:

First game was "Pop the Lumps", we tied a purple balloon to each of the girls legs and they had to protect their "lumpy princess" from being stamped on, they had to try and pop their opponents balloon first, the winner was the person who's balloon survived. It was a very fun game!

It got a little bit chaotic and they had too much room so we put them in the hallway to make it a bit easier

Second game was: "Lose Your Lumps" hubby had wrote Lumps on white stickers and gave the girls 10 stickers each, they had to try and get rid of their lump stickers on each other but if the other person catches you "lumpin" them then you get two lumps back! Was a lot of fun and lasted ages as we played it alongside the other games.

Third game was "Princess Charades" hubby had printed off lots of pictures from Adventure Time of different princesses and on the back of each one he had written 4 different charades the girls had to act out. They were incredibly random in Adventure Time style, things like brushing your teeth with a shoe, an owl eating a mouse or Winnie the Poo fighting Eeyore-harder than they sounds just with actions. Caused lots of giggles..

"Pin the Star on the Lumpy Space Princess" hubby had turned Piper's halloween costume int LSP's face and we used that to try and pin her star on. But it wasn't easy because they had a pillowcase over them and LSP is soo impatient that she moved round so the girls had to guide each other.

Finally they played "Stop the Zombies Potions" Hubby had created different potions on paper, they were all fast food related and he had printed off all the fast food signs/symbols. We stuck them with blue tack around the hallway and the girls had to wok in teams of two or more to collect them all in 30 seconds whilst the zombie (me in a halloween mask) tried to distract them. They then got to have a chocolate each.

The girls played another game of charades as we had some leftover and also watched Adventure Time episodes that we had recorded as not all of them were familiar with Adventure Time-think they might be now though :) They made another paper character each too. Then we sang Happy Lumpin' Birthday to the birthday girl before the girls disappeared upstairs to draw together-very sweet.

All in all I think Piper had a fantastic birthday party and the girls seemed to have fun. Tomorrow my baby girl is going be 13......


  1. What a fab birthday party idea!!! Great fun!! Perhaps you should start a kids party business? xXx