Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I'm loving the date for today not least because today marks 14 years since I married by husband!I woke up to Ivory lillies and an ivory box of chocolates-every morning should start like that :) Its been a fantastic fourteen years and we have so much to look forward!

We had friends over yesterday for a catch up which was lovely as we didn't get chance to chat properly at Ruben's party, the girls all played Lego and went on the laptops for a bit and were generally giggly and excited which was lovely. The boys played Xbox, Bailey was doing his work but as he is managing to keep so ahead he had some time off in the afternoon to join in the Xbox fun. Hubby had an afternoon fishing with his uncle.

Today we have spent the morning wrapping presents, Piper and Cordelia have been putting the finishing touches to some homemade presents too. Feeling very organised this year which is a rather wonderful feeling.

Bailey has been painting Warhammer along with Hubby as they have both started going to a new Warhammer group together. Piper is continuing her Lego building mission. The days towards seeing the new Hobbit movie are being counted down  very excitedly. I'm slowing writing our review of the year, its great to see how much we have done this year but its taking a while to write it up as I end up re-reading all the posts again.

We popped into Chesterfield this afternoon, the girls wanted to go to the central library and Hubby and I treated ourselves to an anniversary eye test-that's how we roll here....

Been looking into Galore Park books on the recommendation of a friend, as thinking a little bit of structure could be just what is needed for the girls and Ruben over the winter months. Also been making preparations for Piper's birthday get together this weekend, daren't say "party" as its a very small gathering of her close friends-she doesn't do big parties - but she's still very much looking forwards to it and Hubby and I are planning some fun activities in an Adventure Time theme.

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