Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Warhammer boards, Snow Gollum, Baking

A home day today after yesterdays super cold but fun day out. We are being so productive at the moment which is great, everyone is finding things to do and being creative without any force-a rare occurrence. 

Bailey has begun work on a games board for Warhammer, my father in law got him this huge piece of wood as a base so now Bailey is designing the board all by himself. Great planning skills. He has spent ages today on it so I 'm going to keep taking photos as he goes along.

Ruben is ahving a huge Minecraft addiction at the moment, which to be honest is proving a bit of a nightmare as too much screen time is detrimental to him so I'm making myself unpopular by making him take regular breaks away from the laptop. I know there is a lot of argument for allowing children to have as much screen time as they want and they will judge it for themselves but maybe they don't have to deal with the meltdowns from such time? I'm more of a moderation kind of mum. Each to their own.

The last few days he has been able to create Minecraft related things away from the computer. Last night he did lots of MInecraft drawing with some graph paper I found in the art cupboard and today he made himself a snow gollum from a tea bag box and some paper

He also made some Fimo party food for his creatures with a little help from Cordelia.

And he also made some Minecraft diamond swords from Hama beads.

And a pickaxe

We spent the morning watching Bear Grylls "Get Out Alive" which made for some great conversations about survival, plus it was based in New Zealand so there were lots of LOTR talk too :)

The girls have spent the day reading, playing Minecraft on the Xbox, sorting out unwanted Barbie items to sell and Cordelia has baked some yummy chocolate cookies.

After a homemade meat and potato pie for tea followed by leftover millionaires shortbread, the girls, Ruben, hubby and I all sat and watched CBBC's Junior Bake Off. Cordelia has now decided to enter for next year!

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