Sunday, 17 November 2013

November Catch Up

November has been all about cosy days in, lots of baking, reading books, watching films, playing Lego, Minecraft, planning for birthdays and Christmas.

The girls and Ruben have been handmaking Christmas gifts which has been lovely to watch, its great that we have the time and resources to be able to do this and also that the children can be so thoughtful in their gift ideas. 

Bailey has been working hard on his English and Maths GCSE's courses, he has had a really good start with some good feedback and excellent marks but its quickly getting much tougher and I'm having to guide a little more. I'm so relieved that the timing of these courses happened to be when hubby left his full time job to be at home with us. Even though setting up and running a new business has seen some interesting time challenges for both of us the huge bonus is the quality family time we have together. I know there aren't many families that are lucky enough to spend all week together so I am not taking it for granted, its making such a difference to the children that hubby has the time to spend doing different activities with them. He is much more creative than I am and whilst I am an idea person he is great at putting things into practice so we make a good team. I wish we could have had more time like this when the children were smaller as they are growing up so quickly but I'm so thankful that we have this time now.

Cordelia has been attending weekly horse riding classes and is improving so much, I was a little unsure at first because the private lessons were 1 to 1 but she has made some really good progress in the class. She has been trying out different horses to work with which has improved her riding skills enormously, the classes are teaching her how to control the horse more and she has even done some agility and jump training so she's very happy.

She has baked some really yummy treats for us all too this month, including the most delicious millionaire's shortbread I have ever tasted.

Piper has read her first Agatha Christie novel and I think it has really begun a favourite new author for her. She is a fan of detective novels and has read all the Sherlock Holmes books so it seems like a natural progression for her. She has collected another three AC books from the library this week. Cordelia has been reading a book by Maggie Stiefvater called Lament, and also Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink. Bailey is reading Anita and Me for his English GCSE. Ruben has been enjoying A Boy and A Bear in a Boat by Dave Shilton and also a Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear book. I'm finding it difficult to find stories that make him laugh like Mr Gum does and am looking into some audio books for him.

Piper has been finishing off her dolls house pavilion and has managed to now get some grass and a path for the outside, she is really enjoying furnishing and finishing it all off.

When it has been dry weather we have been out for walks in our local woods

Building Hobbit houses and getting excited about the new Hobbit film coming out next month:

Its also been a month where we have welcomed a new member to our family, our new niece arrived! We are so happy that she arrived safely and the children are very excited to have a new cousin to play with. My brother has also been to stay with us for a while, he is only 22 months older than Bailey so its been a busy time with a house of five children!

I'm losing/lost my blogging mojo so am trying to locate it again.......

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  1. Glad to hear you are all enjoying life in various ways. Pity we're not closer to meet up again.