Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hull Museums Quarter, William Wilberforce & The Deep

This week we had a day in Hull, we have visited several times before and only gone to The Deep Aquarium and home again so this time we decided to see what the museum quarter was like. We took Rubens two friends R & M along with us as Bailey didn't want to come along as he was busy with his coursework. The Deep was a little busy with a school group but not too bad, its our third visit in a year and will probably be our last in a while now our 12 month ticket has run out.

Last week I started a project with the children about slavery, I found some great online resources from:

Liverpool Slavery Museum and also some information about William Wilberforce, the Map of Slavery Products proved a really informative talking point for us. Its something we plan on working on much further with the children. A great coincidence then when I found one of the museums in the quarter to be William Wilberforce's house. I was a little concerned as its such an intense topic and I have had to talk about some uncomfortable things that unfortunately do happen in life. Rape and sexual exploitation are not comfortable topics to discuss but I think they are important to be aware of, rape is a word that is used frequently at present and I'm noticing more and more how it is featuring in programmes that I want the children to have an understanding about it. It is a sad but incredibly relevant topic and I'm glad that we are the ones to teach them about it.

The museum was really good, there was a lot of reading but I think some of the messages made an impact on the children. Its not just a topic that is part of history but an ongoing problem worldwide and so it was interesting to see where it all began and where it is now. Even though its a new topic for us the children knew some of the things they saw as we'd discussed them, including the map of slavery products and also the trade triangle. There were also quotes around the house that the children recognized like Martin Luther King and Anne Frank.

The Hull Museum was really impressive too, there was a huge Woolly Mammoth-which impressed all of us! Lots of information about the Bronze and Iron Age and a really spectacular Roman display including mosaics which were found in Lincoln. Really unexpected gem of a museum I can't believe we haven't visited before!

The children's favourite I think though was the Transport Museum. It had some fantastic old vehicles such as trams, buses, cars and carts as well as shops set out from the 1930's onwards. The children just ran off looking at everything, and as it was really quiet when we visited it was perfect for them. I did think it funny when they spent so much time in the phone box as this wasn't even that old! They all loved the arcade area which had arcade games from the twentieth century, they enjoyed the Laughing Policeman the most I think.


  1. Hi Zoe, a really important post. Reading your blog made me feel how lucky we are just to be able to have the time to explain rape, slavery etc, in a safe, and secure way. Thanks for sharing . love Debsxx

  2. OH reading your post brings back so many memories of the UK, I honestly miss it. My kids loved the Transportation museum and the Deep. We never made it to Liverpool:( Every time we tried something got in our way. I do hope one day to return

  3. fab mosaics and I did laugh at the phone box. Such a common piece of street furniture when I was a kid but I bet most modern children wouldn't know how to use one ! x