Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dr Who. 50th Anniversary Tardis Cake

We've all had a rotten cold, sore throats and coughs this last few days so no one has felt like doing much. Cordelia has caught up on the CBBC Junior Bake Off which has inspired her to try and be a bit braver with her own baking. She is having to learn the art of patience very quickly, a useful lesson that is perfectly learnt through baking.

A huge event in our house this weekend was the Dr Who 50th anniversary special on BBC1. We are all big fans of the Doctor here. Cordelia decided upon a Tardis cake to celebrate! She picked a new chocolate orange cake recipe which she then decorated with jam and sugar paste icing. She made glacé icing the finish the Tardis off, all of this was done entirely by her own hands-she found a recipe, lined a cake tin, made the mixture, put it in the oven, timed it, took it out of the oven, cut it to shape and finally iced it all by herself. We think she did a fantastic job, especially given she was feeling under the weather.

We all loved the episode, we kept shouting "we've been there" whenever the Tower of London was on (and decided we must take Hubby with us next time!) and now can't wait for the Christmas special :)

Some bonuses to being sofa bound have meant that I've managed to virtually finish all of my  Christmas shopping so I'm expecting a busy week of parcels. I even made lists for when I briefly popped to the shops so that I could get what I needed and back out again military style. Ruben and I noticed lots of Christmas decorations around...,

I think he makes a rather cute reindeer :)

Piper and Ruben have made good use of our new Lego room this week, we turned the office into a space for the children to use a Lego/playmobil room. It's a much better use for the room as it was just becoming a dumping ground for the business. The children are enjoying having a room downstairs all to themselves, they have been playing with the a Hobbit lego in anticipation of the new film in a few weeks. They want to see it on Christmas Eve again like we did last year :)

Bailey has really struggled with his English this week, I was so relieved when he started this course that the workload and pressure would be on someone else but it turns out I was pretty wrong. Whilst the courses are great the level of support and feedback has been very under whelming, meaning that we are now having to take on much more than I had anticipated. Although, this has made me feel incredibly fortunate that i'm in a position to do it and also another reason I'm glad it's my job and not someone else's. It might have felt like a step away from home education at first but it feels like a step much closer back now. It's all so new to us and such a learning curve.

I'll leave this post with some grass-moustaches from Ruben & Cordelia....


  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC Tardis cake!! Well done Cordelia. x

  2. Sapphire says your mustaches look very sticky :)