Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What's with teenagers?

Had this blog post in my head a lot just recently, at this present moment in time I actually only have 1 official teenager. But I can't help feeling that I actually have 3 teenagers, its just that 2 of them are unofficial teenagers. Pippi is only weeks away from her 13th birthday (MUST NOT CRY thinking about it) so its not going to be long before half of my children are teenagers *GULP*. I could spend ages saying "How on Earth did this happen?", Bailey's college tutor told me I didn't look old enough to be his mum recently, I suppose it was a compliment but I certainly feel old enough to be. And as I very embarrassingly, asked a fellow home educated boy the same age as Bailey, literally 10 minutes after the above comment from his tutor, whether or not he liked "video games" (seriously I cringe every time I think about it)  I think I can assure you I'm definitely old enough. In my defense I was just trying to get Bailey chatting to some of the other students, epic fail. So I won't spend ages asking that question because I think I've established that I have enough parent years behind me.

So what actual changes when you go from having a child to having a teenager (or 3) ?

  • You may need to consider having an extra bathroom fitted, because if there are more people than bathrooms in your home then your in for a LONG wait for a shower. This is not just for teenagers girls might I add, my teenage son takes longer than anyone.
  • No one wants to do the same things as you anymore, this means two things really a) You either leave them behind or b) Take them and watch the misery on their faces. Neither options are great to be honest because with option a) You'll feel guilty and b) You'll feel guilty. So its a lose-lose situation.
  • Hormone roller coaster-really it isn't their fault and it can be interesting to watch them not understanding why they are being so stroppy....
  • Hair-its really everywhere, seeing your son with a beard is a bit scary but so is not being able to find an unused razor in your bathroom or your tweezers.
  • They smell, again not their fault but it really is your duty to deal with it or deal with other peoples reaction to the smell..
  • Periods-see this post for more on that
  • They borrow everything and return nothing
  • Half a conversation is the WHOLE conversation and if its not then you've missed something or they've got bored talking to you
  • Your no longer/ever have been cool, your just *rolls eyeballs for dramatic effect* old.
  • Department stores no longer stock clothes in store if your over 12 or if you are unlucky enough to have exceptionally tall children, then you have to try and find things in the adult section and pay adult prices for shoes and clothes even though they are 12!
  • Going to bed at the same time as your teenagers can be *awkward*
  • Not only will you have to deal with all these changes in your teenager but you will also have to deal with how suddenly awkward others are in the presence of your teenagers. People suddenly lose the ability to talk to your teenagers, why I have no idea, yes it can be a bit more hard work but I'm quite offended by how many people have ignored my teenagers of late! They don't bite you know..
These are just a few things that have really been floating around in my head, I thought it was just us to be honest. And I was starting to really struggle but then I chatted to some of my bestest friends who have teenagers and they basically said the same. 

What a relief *breathes*