Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Walking, Baking & Building Dolls' Houses

October has very much been a month of walking and baking, feels like we are really settling into a much calmer Autumn after a very busy summer. We have met up with friends to go on walks too after a few weeks of illness and nasty viruses the children were desperate to see friends!

We had another walk at Sherwood Pines and the children spotted this recreated World War 1 trench, not sure what it is actually being used for though but it still looked cool!

The children spotted some frogs in amongst the mud

 And some more Fly Algaric fungi

Back at home Piper has really been concentrating on getting her Dolls Emporium Garden Pavillion ready for her dolls to move in. We took her to the Dolls House Emporium in Derbyshire, she thought it was brilliant and has picked out her dolls house for her birthday/Christmas present already. It takes so much planning and patience and this is something hubby is great with thankfully so he has helped her paper the roof, the walls and put the flooring down.

She has bought some furniture and also planned what wallpapers/floorings and furniture she is going to have in her next house. As the pavillion is only one room it was easier to plan out, the next house she is getting is 8 rooms so there is lots to think about. Its been a great learning experience for her and also lovely for her and hubby to have some dad and daughter time, he is very patient at this kind of thing, much more so than I.

We also said goodbye to BBC Two's Great British Bake Off last week sadly, its a programme that we love watching as a family on a Tuesday evening especially as it really gets us in the mood for baking. The girls and I each baked something for our little tea party to watch the final with. Piper made pink cupcakes, Cordelia made double chocolate cookies and I made lemon cake.

We even got the china teapot out for a cup of tea!

We really wanted Kimberely to win but thought Frances was really good too!

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