Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Peak District Walk, Crich

Been meaning to do this post for a while now as it was a couple of weeks ago but I lost my usb cable for my camera so couldn't upload the photo's. There's been a lot of little things like that recently which has made me a lazy blogger, trying to get caught up now.

We had a beautiful walk through the Peak District, it was one of the walks out of our AA Walking in the Peaks book. We didn't tell the children it was going to be 7.5 miles as it makes them quite grumpy to know that its such a long walk but they found out anyway! To be fair I was in a bit of a funk walking up the hill as it was pretty hard going on my just-started-running-again legs and I have to admit to not exactly *enjoying* the view, so hubby took these photos:

We were pretty happy when we reached the Crich Tramway Museum, we've never been as none of our children are really interested in trams and its quite expensive for a family of 6. We thought this one was cool though, its from Blackpool and it drove right past us when we were walking round the other side. In fact we had to wait for the tram to set off again and managed to watch the conductor fall over when he was switching the lines-was quite funny especially as he nearly hit a passenger on the head with the stick!

Sadly for our legs, the museum wasn't the highest part of the walk, we had to walk right past the Sherwood Foresters Monument. We actually sat and had lunch right outside and it was a lovely spot. Piper had learnt a little about the Sherwood Foresters when she was attending the Nottinghamshire Archive Project so she was interested to read the information boards around the monument. She is no longer doing the archive project sadly but her passion for all things war related is still there.

Was a lovely quiet spot for lunch as its closed to the public on Tuesdays but as we were using the public footpaths we were ok.

On the way back down the huge hill, Cordelia spotted some gorgeous Shetland Ponies on a campsite we had to walk through. We had to practically drag her away from them, she could have stayed there all day.

Walking back down through the woods-this walk really had it all!-we found what looked like an old quarry, the light shone through it so majestically and it felt like going back to the dinosaur age!

Love this photo of Bailey messing around in the light:

Trekking over a field and Ruben decided to have an impromptu dance over a style!

Tallulah enjoyed having a good walk too :-)

The last two miles of the walk were thankfully all flat, we walked along the side of the canal. It is no longer used now and has been left to go into a nature reserve. We saw lots of huge dragonflies and frogs.

We called into to the pub on the way back to the car for some ice cold lemonades and Ruben managed a play in the playground! I can't believe he wasn't shattered after a 7.5 mile walk but there you go.

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