Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Despite our disappointment at Fright Night the younger two were still very excited about Halloween, they decorated the house and Cordelia made some bats from black card to hang in the window. She put out some of the decoartions we have had from previous halloween parties too so the house looked very halloween-y. I love the zombie boxes which where an idea from P'interest last year.

All four of them had a great time doing their pumpkins and found some ideas online as to what carvings to do. Was strange not helping anyone this year, it seems they are all old enough now to carve their own pumpkins...

Bailey went for a Mario mushroom, Piper for Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, Cordelia did a cat and Ruben started a Minecraft one but ended up doing a screaming man instead.

Thankfully there was no heavy rain this year which seriously scuppered last years trick or treating, the older two didn't want to go out so Hubby took Cordelia and Ruben and Piper and I were in charge of giving out our treat sweets, Bailey decided he'd rather be on his xbox! Cordelia and Ruben had a great time and came back with a pumpkin full of sweets and had lots of compliments about their homemade costumes.

Happy Halloween from Four Pesky Hobbits :-)

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  1. Love the pumpkins-especially the cat one ! We used to have great Halloween parties when Alex was younger (his birthday is the 25th) so often had a houseful of kids. Happy memories :) x