Monday, 7 October 2013

Dronfield Barn Archaeology Dig

I had booked for all of us to go on a home ed trip to a nearby archaeology dig but sadly Piper had a migraine attack and so Hubby took the boys and Cordelia. In hindsight I think the trip would have been better suited to just Ruben really and Bailey was not very impressed with me for booking him on the visit as he said it was far too young for him. Still, its rare that something comes up so close to home!

Hubby took a few photo's for me, he said Ruben quite enjoyed it and got chatting to another boy the same age.

This is the outside of the barn:

The barn is grade 2 listed and is currently being re-developed with funding from the heritage Lottery and is expected to become a community heritage arts activity centre.

Ruben getting ready to do some digging:

Cordelia helping to put some of the pottery found back together.

I'd like to think that even when its a disappointing visit to somewhere something is still absorbed but on this occasion I'm not so sure? I think it takes a certain kind of person to be able to engage a child's imagination and interest and from the feedback I got that such person wasn't there. I think we might have to try a different experience at an archaeology dig as I think given the right experience it would be much more enjoyable. 

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