Sunday, 15 September 2013

Vieux Boucou

Woke to lovely sunshine this morning, the girls and Bailey went to the campsite shop this morning for fresh bread and manage to ask in French! After a breakfast of warm pain au chocloat we headed up the coast to Vieux Boucou. We passed lots of miles of cycle paths through the beautiful Landes forest, France is so well geared up for outdoor activities and seems so focused on active family time. Its infectious and really making us think about lifestyle changes back at home.

There was a fabulous atmosphere at Vieux Boucou, the streets were filled with lots of people all shopping at the market stalls and shops, I love that they always have bunting in between the streets and buildings-its so pretty. We managed to pick up some gifts for family and some postcards. The girls bought Tallulah a new bandana style collar with her name on.

We headed to the beach for some lunch, the waves were really rough today and so there were lots of surfers to watch whilst we ate our picnic. Wishing we lived closer to the sea at home....

Then we headed into Hossegor, Hubby and Cordelia wanted to have a go at fishing in the lake. Unfortunately there were some divers in the lake making it a bit tricky and despite watching the French catch fish with baguette it proved fruitless for Hubby and Cordelia. Ruben collected lots of things like It got a little hot to be sat and as we were wanting a more relaxed day we headed back to the campsite for an afternoon in the pool. I suppose I'm finding the bonus of having older children is that they want a bit more freedom and a bit less fuss which meant hubby and I got to have a swim all by ourselves whilst all four children went off to play on the water slides. Whilst we were sat by the pool we saw lots of tiny lizards too.

In the evening we had a little walk around the campsite and saw some bats flying around and some rabbits running between the lodges, Ruben is loving all the wildlife. We had a BBQ for tea-our 3rd this week! Before Monopoly Millionaire and a game of Super Scrabble.

Bailey and the girls have been hooked on the Skullduggery Pleasant books, so much so that they have talked hubby into reading it too. Ruben is having Mr Gum and The Secret Hideout read to him by either Piper or myself and is loving it. Its very sweet when Piper reads it to him though as she is so good at the different voices and laughs so hard that we all end up laughing with her :-) Cordelia has a wobbly tooth, we're all looking very sunkissed-even Bailey-despite the BBC forecast being "cloudy" everyday.

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