Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Thermal Spa Town of Dax

This morning was a bit rainy so we had a trip to the supermarket, the children were a little disappointed that it wasn't a hypermarket but it was a pretty big supermarket and it was quite fascinating. I think we could have passed a whole day looking at all the different produce especially in the fresh section & patisserie. The girls bought some more Playmobil collectors figures-finding them half the price of what they were yesterday in St Jean De Luz-and the boys spent nearly all their holiday money on a Lego Star Wars set each, nice to see them enjoying something together.

Back at the camp for lunch and the boys built their lego sets and the girls checked which of the figures they had got this time. Piper has the hairdresser, archer and the princess and Cordelia has two hairdressers, roller skater, bride, princess and mermaid. It brightened up a little so we decided to take a trip to the thermal spa town of Dax.What a beautiful town! It was founded by the Romans and continues to be renowned for its spa's-sadly I didn't get chance to use them!

We'd just missed an annual bull festival which was a shame, they were taking down all the huge stalls down whilst we were walking around the outside of the bull ring.

This year the bull ring is celebrating its centenary too.

A cool of really cool statues dotted around the town.

The thermal spa!

Justa round the other side and you can feel how warm the water is-a constant 64 degrees. Cordelia and Ruben were too scared to touch it in case it was too hot!!

Daddy had a go though!

They had some beautiful shops and lots of shops selling handmade chocolates, hubby took the children in to buy some and they were delicious.

Cordelia was disappointed to see the carousel was closed :(

The cathedral..

Ruben loved this Roman statue and his dog

It cheered up so much by the time we got back to camp that we managed to have an hour in the swimming pool too.

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