Friday, 13 September 2013

St Jean De Luz & Hendaye

We were all a bit shattered after yesterday so we had a lazy morning around the caravan-which was good as it was miserable weather wise! The afternoon was much nicer though, the weather seems to change very quickly here in France. We got our things together and headed back down to St Jean De Luz. It's a great spot for swimming in the sea as the harbour walls shelter you from the bigger waves. The water is lovely here and all of us-apart from Bailey who lay on the beach reading his new Codex-ventured into the sea. Ruben is relishing his new sea legs and trying to learn  how to swim by his own accord. Hubby and Piper headed out to the diving platforms, you can just see one here on this photo in the distance:

I think they are about 50 metres out in the sea, hubby jumped off the top board and swam back with Piper. It was a bit of a shock as he isn't the strongest swimmer and I wish I had got a photo! When they came back I swam out there with Piper, she is such a good swimmer, I was a bit nervous as I don't normally swim in the sea but I really wanted to have a go on the diving board. It was so scary when I got up there!!! Piper was cheering "come on mum" so I jumped in, in a very un-graceful jump and its one of the scariest things I have done in AGES but was so much fun :-) Piper was very proud of both of us.

We spent ages in the sea swimming and before we knew it we had passed 4 hours on the beach and it was 6pm. We got dressed and drove around the coast to Hendaye, the drive was stunning and I was glad to be a passenger for a change. Hendaye is one of the last towns on the border before Spain and it felt very Spanish, wish we'd had more time to explore this small town and it seemingly endless beach as its beautiful here.

I loved the architecture too :-)

Catching the last of the sun after eating ice creams:

Back to the caravan for some tea and showers, think we brought half of the beach back with us tonight..

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