Monday, 16 September 2013

San Sebastian, Spain

Again we woke up at 9am-our usual French time-wonder if that will continue when we get home?? We left the campsite at 10.30 and drove to San Sebastian, Spain-our first family trip into Spain!! Its only 45 km from where we are staying and so it only took us an hour to get there. Was a little chaotic driving into the centre and all the car parks are underground which was a little scary after the Lourdes incident.. I think we both expected it to be quite a small place but it was HUGE so many amazing buildings, which still felt a little French?!

We had a lovely walk around the shops in the side streets and bravely went into a patisserie, knowing barely any Spanish. The lady was so friendly, which was a bit of a shock after a week of some very abrupt French shop assistants. We chose some different pastries to take out, they were wrapped so beautifully I had to take a photo! We sat and ate them outside this beautiful building-Basilica of Santa Maria-stunning.

We arrived at the wrong time really as lots of the shops were shutting for siesta and it quickly quietened down, which in a way was qyuite nice because we got to wander around the quiet streets. The smells coming from the Tapas bars were amazing, I've never had tapas but this is where I'm coming to try it when I do! It started to spit with rain, which was a shame as we found a lovely playground right in the middle of town. We walked down past the estuary and past the beautiful Hotel Maria Cristina and the Teatro Victoria Eugenia. Cordelia took some lovely photos. Even the bridges were pretty and I definitely wished we were here for longer to explore all the streets more. We had to buy an umbrella so we didn't get drenched, and headed back to the car to get our raincoats. The rain got really heavy but we had the most beautiful walk around the sea front.

Cordelia, bless her, for no reason other than her hormones, started crying and just couldn't stop. She had lots of hugs and reassurances from us but for the 1 1/2-2 hours we walked around in the rain, tears just streamed down her face. We must have looked so strange, badly dressed in flip flops (me!) with one daughter crying for no apparent reason and three more children looking all quite bemused/upset by it all. I definitely will never forget being here that's for sure. Maybe she was overcome by the beauty of the place? Its seems ironic really to be in such a beautiful place and be so sad..

Still the walk around the sea front was beautiful, the waves were crashing against the rocks and looked so frothy and white despite the deep blue of the water. Lots of men were fishing too, despite the weather! We headed back to the car, all feeling a little emotionally exhausted. A really wonderful place though that we'd love to return to one day (for tapas!)

A quick trip to the supermarket on the way home and the most delicious Basque cake for after tea, looked like a huge muffin with blueberries inside-delicious! Games of Monopoly millionaire and Super Scrabble too :-)

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