Monday, 9 September 2013

Happy Birthday Mummy in St Jean De Luz

Woke to beautiful sunshine on my birthday :) After a breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat we headed to the fishing village of St Jean De Luz. It was mentioned in all the guide books for the area and it didn't disappoint at all, a beautiful old mixture of buildings in the centre and lots of lovely shops-so nice to have a break from seeing the same old high street shops where we live-not a department store in sight!

The children found a shop selling Playmobil and Lego called PLAYLEG, it was very expensive though in comparison to our toy prices in the UK but the girls bought a playmobil collectors figure each.

Love, love, love French buildings..

After buying fresh bread we headed to the beach to eat lunch, look at those blue skies!

The sea was beautiful and calm hear thanks to the jetty walls. According to the guidebook they were built when Empress Eugenie-Napoleon 111 wife-" nearly came a cropper in her steam paddled boat" whatever the reason they make for a perfect paddling/swimming beach.

The younger three had a whale of a time playing in the sea..

Ruben was amazed at the size of this palm tree..

Further around the beach and we found a perfect place for rockpooling

Ruben found some little shrimps that cleaned his fingers, he found it most amusing

They also found some teeny, tiny hermit crabs which were very cute.

Love the view of the Pyrenees in this photo:

The clouds always look so moody over the Pyrenees and makes them look rather looming...

We climbed to the top of a small hill and found some beautiful views..

We headed back to the camp via the patisserie and bought a traditional Basque chocolate gateau for after tea-it was delicious! We also managed to walk the 900m to our local beach which was beautiful but had clouded over by then, great to see the waves we had been hearing every morning though I also managed to hurt my foot and so hobbled most of the way back :( was worth it though

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