Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Glitzy Biarritz-y

Or how it shall always be known to me from now on! It was supposed to be cloudy this morning but it turned out to be a glorious sunny and 23 degrees. We had a late breakfast of croissants and nutella before driving in Biarittz, was a stressful drive as no road signs telling you which exit to take and we struggled to find anywhere to park too. Manged to eventually park up-for free-bonus! Popped into the patisserie to buy baguettes and walked down lots of steps to get to the beach. Was teaming with surfers from all over the world-Austrians, British, Americans.... this beach is apparently the "place to be" for surfers. It was a surfer paradise so great for people watching :) There was a bit of a commotion on the beach and everyone was staring in the direction of six people who were having their photo taken on the beach. As they walked back up the beach they came right past us and we saw they were all dressed in vintage clothing-they looked like they had walked straight  off a film set.

Kids found lots of hermit crabs on the rocks and even saw a few tiny lizards.

After lunch we had a walk around to the other side, I was dying to see what was behind this beautiful building!

There were lots of cool art deco style buildings, lots of bridges between rocks and land and a huge aquarium/museum.

Managed to order 6 ice creams in French again, this time we tried Nutella ice cream-the lady called us the "Nutella Family".

The building along the sea front were so grand, I loved the Casino even though its starting to look a bit shabby and the Hotel De Palais was magnificent! Napoleon 111 had it built for his wife Eugenie because she loved Biarritz so much, he even had it built in the shape of an E. Hubby and I have decided to stay in the hotel for our 20th wedding anniversary-only 6 years to wait!!

Terrible photo of the Hotel Palais, it so beautiful and grand.

Picked up some more postcards for Cordelia's collection, have started to pick some of the Art Deco ones up for myself too.

Back to camp for an hour in the pool, campsite is much quieter now too and a  BBQ (our second in two days!) for tea.

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