Saturday, 7 September 2013

First Day in France

Its been four years exactly since we last visited France but we have missed it so much that we decided we needed to go again. We booked our holiday with Thomson Al Fresco and stayed on the Yelloh Camping site in Labenne. We set off Friday lunch time and stayed over night in a travelodge so we could get up super early (3.20 am!) and get on the Eurotunnel at 5.15 am. The children couldn't remember having traveled before on the tunnel, only the ferry but since I had forgotten the last time we were on the ferry just how sea sick I get we stuck to the tunnel this year. Its such a superb service, you drive in, put in your details and it prints out a hanger with a letter on it, this attaches to the mirror on your windscreen, then you wait in the car park-I think we waited less than 3 minutes before we were called-and you drive to the train. Its all very quick and very efficient. In 30 minutes we were in Calais and thus started our holiday :)

We had a 650 mile drive down to Labenne, passing at one point on the outskirts of Paris, we managed to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower!! We've never been to Paris before but its high on our list. We also passed through Tours, Poitiers, Orleans and Bordeaux on our trip south.

The drive down took us 11 hours with a few stops, the kids were brilliant, they played on DS', read books, chatted happily and ate tons of food. We arrived at the site at 6pm and found it really busy. Our home for the fortnight was nice though and we had a wander around the campsite after we had had a quick tea of pasta. There were lots of Spanish families on the site which threw me a bit as the site had a real Spanish feel to it, it was nice though. The kids were a little overwhelmed with how busy it was though but I think they were just tired from the journey. Super long day so we had an early night.

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